Saturday, December 26, 2015

White commies and black racists make a fuss.

."Black Lives Matter protesters disrupt Mall of America, airport."


Anonymous said...

Just saying old Nicolai Krushiev[ no spell check] banging his shoe on the table @ the United Nations. During JFK's short lived Camelot rein. Bragging we will take America over from within without firing a shot. Kennedy sent him home with 3 tractor trailer loads of goods made in the U.S.A. Can you remember when all cars, shoes, clothes, and appliances were made here ? The District of Criminals sold the blue collar middle class out. Ruining our lively hoods , treasure, and most importantly our kids and grand kids future... With all those trade deals. Starting with "Hide ur Wimmen Folk" Billy Boy Clinton/Newt Gingrich's. Nafta / Gatt/Uruguay Rounds. They have practically done it. The home grown domestic enemy's of the state and their useful/useless minions. And to think mostly "We the People" hardly noticed or even whimpered. Not looking forward to Obama's /Gov. Malloy's E.O.'s on that secret no fly /no buy/confiscation/warrants list. We will burn in those camps. Because sheep/ lemmings /goyium haven't studied history. Behind enemy lines Ct.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to me why every one of these fine young cannibals were not arrested, jailed, and charged for disruption of services of an airport - 18USC37(a)2, with a term of 20 years in prison? As long as these disruptions are tolerated, they will continue. When the disruptions are adequately addressed, they will stop. KCRailroader

Anonymous said...

I'm just as glad that I wasn't there at the MoA or traveling thru the airport. Those people piss me off enough that I KNOW I'd have started an incident that would have quickly escalated, and I'D be the one in jail.
I'm getting too old, too quickly. IDGAS (I Don't Give A Shit) anymore. It's time to start the "dance" while I can still participate.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

"these fine young cannibals were not arrested, jailed, and charged for disruption of services of an airport - 18USC37(a)2, with a term of 20 years in prison? "

Cause there The Collectivist, Progressive, DNCGOP vote.
Can't have them in jail on Election day.

It ain't Rocket Science whats going on

Moe Death said...

Mr. Woodman,
I've enjoyed your comments for some years now, until this one:

"I'm getting too old, too quickly."

I'm no spring chicken, having just celebrated 65 years on this rock. I don't feel 65; in fact, when I strap on my guitar, I feel like I'm 18 all over again. Age is in the mind, not in the body or the soul, which is timeless. Shake off the cobwebs that seek to petrify your mind. We all need you in this fight, as much as we need every young buck with a taste for freedom. For myself, I'll keep as active as I can, teach all the young ones that I can,and take up my arms when I have to, because I love my country.

Now that doesn't mean I don't ache a bit when I over-exert, but damn it, you've got to reach down inside and drag back your youth. It didn't go away, you just lost track of it.

God bless and keep you, sir.

Bill and Domino