Saturday, December 26, 2015

H.R. 4269: Collectivist tyrant wannabes short stroking all over themselves.

"Short stroking: Stroking a small penis." -- Urban Dictionary.
Collectivists in Congress declare their appetites for more of our essential liberty and private property at the threat of our lives. Good luck with that: "H.R.4269 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2015."


Anonymous said...

How many times will you cry WAR while doing nothing of violence? How many times before your enemy stops believing you? How many MORE times?

Anonymous said...

So I actually read every damn word! BorrrrrrING
I was laughing by the end of it.

I(We) know they don't want to understand us...
But they Really have....Absolutely NO CLUE.
They are Obsessed with the Tool and don't at all understand our TTP.

Works for me, BSEG(Big Shit Eating Grin)

Galaxie_Man said...

So, the tyrants have pulled out all the stops, eh? Apparently they're tired of waiting for the punk-ass thug in chief to use his pen and his phone.

ATTENTION TYRANTS! Hear us loud and clear, from sea to shining sea.



And when we are done with your "enforcers" who were "just following orders", WE WILL COME FOR YOU.

Anonymous said...

The current Congress will never pass this, but my Representative has certainly defined himself.

If something of this nature were to pass, the market for those "assault weapons" doesn't go away, it goes underground. Some implications of this include less control over the types of products out there. People buying underground won't have a warranty for defective products (e.g., people blinded by bathtub gin, or poisoned by angel dust with formaldehyde). And the transactions occur in cash, so the evolution of gangs is inevitable, to protect against fraudulent transactions and to mete out justice in the absence of courts. The prosecution of an underground market requires government to place undercover snoops in the user community, such that users would need to be vetted, with privately administered justice to include betrayal of trust. During the 20's speakeasies with special knocks were created for qualified users.

There was a large demographic that was driven underground by Prohibition, and the Mobs that controlled those markets were defined by the nature of the product and it's source, just as the source of the illicit drugs today, predominately from Latin America, has shaped the nature of the gangs that control those supply lines. The gun culture is also a large demographic, and while overall inclined to "keep it legal", abide by the multitude of insidious regulations that have been devised from past gun legislation, it is also very distrustful of the overreach by the Federal government. Pushed underground, the possible nature of its underground enforcement arteries could become an energized militia movement. If users are in clear violation of the law, none of the preceding century's regulations would apply in that market. Conversions of semi-autos to full-autos, for example, could become common. And "legitimate" gun manufacturers, seeing a reduction in demand from the civilian population for prohibited firearms, could attempt to recapture a portion of that from by designing "legal" guns to better accommodate the creativity of the modification providers in the underground market.

The very nature of such an intrusion by the Federal government would increase the friction between it and the militia movement, while increasing the population of real assault weaponry across the country, endanger more federal agents from covert operations and therefore create more "gun violence", not less, even before considering the possibility that should there be more incidents like Waco or Ruby Ridge, a bloody civil war could be sparked. More "bad" guns out there, more "gun violence" from an underground market: this the very definition of unintended consequences.


As one watches the storm draw near, the urgency to
prepare becomes more apparent. Those with-in the Patriot
community have done so for a very long time.
In fact their larders should be deep. Others,
who've procrastinated, for what ever reason, even they
can feel the intensity of the storm. Which is even
now upon us all. Yes my friends, our enemies desire
the gold ring and they've displayed all their intentions
to secure it, time and time again. We MUST deny them ALL
of which that they crave. To do otherwise would mean
the total death of our beloved Republic. And complete
slavery to their system. Both foreign and domestic.
This should NEVER be allowed to come to pass.
When this kicks off, always keep in mind while you're
defending yourself and yours....if the light of this
Republic goes out there will be NO WHERE else to go.
So fight with courage, fight with determination,
and fight with Spirit. The Spirit of FREEDOM ...
Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves...
we're obligated by the blood of our for fathers to
KEEP what they've entrusted to each successive
generation...and now,
it's our turn, and we MUST not fail.

Anonymous said...

Great list of tyrants up there for anyone to keep handy..LOL

rexxhead said...

Will someone not rid me of this meddlesome traitor?

Anonymous said...

1. Ban all "assault weapons."

2. ???

3. Eliminate gun violence.

If you see some resemblance to the infamous "Underpants Gnomes" skit from South Park you would not be alone. Frankly though, shouldn't the American people be able to expect better solutions from our elected leaders than those proposed by the writers of a comedy cartoon, however well written or popular?

Anonymous said...

Bring it on MF'ers, you will reap the whirlwind of destruction as you have never actually seen in your pathetic lives...Semper Fi Do or DIE!

Anonymous said...

I will stand my ground and defend this nation
against all enemies foreign and domestic
with patriots at my side
and gun in hand
you will wish you'd stayed at home instead of
threating my life
my family
my country...and my freedom

Anonymous said...

That's quite a target list. Lets get busy Patriots!

Anonymous said...

WWNC (We Will Not Comply).
Nolan Laave.

'Nuff said.
B Woodman

Steve Ramsey said...

They are getting so uppity these days they must believe that this is their last chance, so they are going all in. Sort of like Adolph in Dec 44'.

Steady Steve said...

How refreshing that the collectivists have finally dropped their pretense. I guess our honesty (We will not comply and we will kill you, your enforcers, and propagandists if you attempt to enforce this.) has inspired them. I'll bet they will be too chickenshit to enforce their "law" when we do not comply and openly taunt them.

Anonymous said...

One way or another we will be heard. Nothing is left but the ammo box. I will not stand down. Behind enemy lines Ct.

Cameraman said...

These Overpaid Traitors, if given the Chance with a Few Rinos will try anything to get the Guns..and Therein lies the Problem for Them, such as In NY and Conn, They can"t enforce It and They know it, this will end up as a Water-downed piece of Crap, with the striking of a Ban and Just enhanced Back ground Checks or the so called Gun show Loop hole, to stop Private sales and get all Guns and Sales on Paper..for the Real Confiscation scheme..don"t trust a Damn one of them Dem or Repub,,they are writing Artical's of War Period...FTA,,Come git Em"

Semper Fi

Bill St. Clair said...

Talk about your partisan legislation. The 123 cosponsors were ALL Democrats. Not a single Republican.