Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Who shot who in Waco biker clash? Answers expected soon.

Authorities still do not know who shot who among nearly 200 bikers caught in a deadly melee at the Twin Peaks in Waco but expect to soon have the scientific evidence to answer questions that for seven months have eluded them. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigators are nearly finished with ballistics and other tests on 151 firearms, as well as 29 bullet fragments and 30 cartridge cases recovered from the scene that was especially complex given the number of people and guns involved.


Wraith said...

I'm certain that the evidence will find that the 'authorities' who are collecting and analyzing it, are TOTALLY blameless.

In other (completely unrelated) news, a tribunal of foxes have found the chickens at fault in the recent Henhouse Massacre.

Longbow said...

"Authorities still do not know who shot who..."

No idea, huh? Nobody knows who fired shots at the Bikers? The individual cops don't know if they fired their weapons or not? Was there maybe a round count done during the shooting review? Which mags were short a couple of rounds? No way to know that?

Smartassery aside, they expect us to believe the cops to be the pinnacle in societal virtue. Yet, not one cop has come forward and told the truth. Somebody knows who did what and yet NOT ONE has the nuts to stand and speak the truth.

Best sumbitches who ever shit between two boots, huh?

Waco is looking like Waco all over again.

Anonymous said...

If you are waiting for the truth, you are waiting for NOTHING, You aren't going to get it from law enforcement investigating ITSELF...Not with the 2015 law Enforcement anyways. We have crossed a rubicon years ago where the corruption overcame integrity and honesty and true service...All that is left is organized crime operating under the auspice of Public office.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Waco is Waco all over again. That is the point of it.
To prove they can get away with it again, fro free.

Anonymous said...

if the narrative on this whole debacle is true.. I am waiting for what I know Bikers do when people fuck with them

it will tell me a lot about this "event".... so far way too many of those that caused the trouble are still walking this earth,, so we have that to see where this all goes