Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"For the First Time, Chinese UAVs Are Flying and Fighting in the Middle East."

Although not as good as their American counterparts, they can be purchased quicker and with fewer strings.
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Egypt have all purchased the CH-4. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are using them in their campaign against Yemen's Houthi rebels, while Iraq has used them in action against ISIS forces operating in the country. Earlier this month, as part of an operation to retake the city, a CH-4 drone was used against an ISIS position in Ramadi.
he use of these drones in combat will bolster China's credibility as a supplier of high-tech weapons. Chinese weapons have previously had the reputation of being crude and inexpensive, but companies such as Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, which produces the CH-4 drone, have been catching up.
Critics charge that China's four Middle Eastern customers for the CH-4 would rather have American equipment, but that Washington's arms export approval process is painfully slow. Chinese arms exports are approved quickly and are increasingly turning out to be an affordable alternative.


Chiu ChunLing said...

Wheels within wheels, but since all the wheels are coming off anyway....

Anonymous said...

No worries, when Hillary gets elected the Chinese will "catch up" fast.

Anonymous said...

They're catching up fast b/c they are constantly STEALING tech from our government and our private companies through internet security hacks.....all the while, we act as if we are not at war with China.

Billll said...

"Shopping at Wal-Mart" for high end weapons as it were.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how successful the Chinese will be if they deploy them worldwide like the USA has done, and start taking out targets in lands of NATIONS where they have NOT declared war either...and Why does Washington DC or any US military think they are not in the crosshairs?

The US has created this nightmare, it can only come back to haunt us as they go into PREEMPTIVE STRIKE mode on US facilities, but our HUBRIS and self proclaimed moral exceptionalism is a LIE that blinds us to that obvious path we have walked if we really believe we are IMMUNE to other NATIONS applying US foreign policy on US.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen..