Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"A Genuine Conservative Wouldn't Go After Cruz This Way"

Rush Limbaugh Goes After Trump


Dakota said...

I heard this segment yesterday and Rush predicted that this would happen. He did not attack Trump, but he was very confused as to why he would do it the very same way that Trump does things. I am not a huge Trump fan ... he would be my 2nd choice, with Ted Cruz being my first choice. Rush made it very clear yesterday that he was not attacking Trump.

jon said...

he has a point. and cruz will make a better nominee, should trump somehow fail to secure the nomination i don't think there will be all that much complaining, either.

realistically though, clinton's still projected to win.

Chiu ChunLing said...

It really doesn't matter if Trump is a genuine conservative. First off, there's no way to win the election without addressing the issue of vote fraud, and nobody's addressing it. Second, even if Trump does win the election somehow, he's got to know that there's millions of people willing and able to shoot him if he betrays them. Everyone looks at Obama and doesn't feel a sense of personal responsibility to put him down like a rabid dog because he's "not my monkey", or because they're incoherent liberals. That's not going to be true for Trump.

Anonymous said...

I always thought we'd come to a day when the conservatives eat their own.
Especially from those pretending to be more conservative for their own income.
What fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

Well, that's fine because Trump is no conservative. Jeeze guys, I thought that was common knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Even after sorting out the RINOs - are there any "genuine conservatives" in the ranks of the Republican Party politicians or wannabe politicians?

Interested Bystander

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Barry Goldwater was a conservative. Ronald Reagan acted like one at times. The field has been pretty sparse since then.

Doing something out of expediency that a conservative would do out of principle doesn't make you a conservative.

Anonymous said...

Goldwater yes a true American conservative .Ron Ray Gun not so much. The people behind the curtain. Who had him shot. Got him to change his tune .Then he marched to the tune they were playing. The biggest question. Why did the Peoples Republic of China. Give Reagan 2 million $ .When he left office ? The fish always stinks from the head down. Behind enemy lines Ct.