Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Slouching towards civil war in Kalifornia.

"Police May Confiscate Guns without Notice to Owner Starting January 1."
KPCC reports that “California law already bans people from possessing guns if they’ve committed a violent crime or were involuntarily committed to a mental health facility.” And now, with GVROs, California law allows judges to bar people from possessing guns even if they have not committed a violent crime or were involuntarily committed. Because of this, Gun Owners of California Executive Director Sam Paredes warns that GVROs “may create a situation where law-abiding gun owners are put in jeopardy.”


Anonymous said...

Sounds like we may need to donate some windshield and car door penetrating M855 to those folks. I'll donate a hundred rounds...if we can find a way to get it to them.

Anonymous said...

California Gun Law Will Let Police Confiscate Legally-Owned Weapons

Anonymous said...

This demonstrates perfectly the failure of Americans to remember their history. Mental Health scams were a key player in giving the Soviet Union and Red China a publicly deniable means to stifle opposition completely.. now the false Americans will use it to disarm the citizenry.

This is where Solzhenitsyn's Rule should come into play..


Anonymous said...

As Yank 9:30PM said,
No "due process" to take my arms? That street runs two ways. No "due process" to shoot armed intruders that break into my house. Uniforms? Oh, I thought those were just costumes.
I may lose the court case, but you'll still be just as dead. Have fun, Stazi.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Got a feeling Ct will pop off way before Kalifornia. Malloy wants it that bad.His black rifle/standard capacity litmus test ban. Did not garner a judgeship/ position in his Marxist idols cabinet. But he's stumping hard in Iowa/New Hampshire for Hitlery, Killery Clinton. Rest assured she will reward him greatly. He can't wait to jump off that fence. Malloy's collective body count will vastly out number the Clinton's decades of murder and mayhem. Malloy's stasi will make Pol Pot look like a rookie. Behind enemy lines Ct.