Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Redmond arms importer sues ATF over ammo ban.

"P.W. Arms Inc. says ATF gave it permission to import more than 100 million rounds of the Russian- and Eastern European-made ammunition known as 7N6. But when the first shipments arrived early last year, ATF deemed them “armor-piercing” and barred their importation for civilian resale."


Anonymous said...

The Seattle Times is obviously staffed with hoplophobic, non-veteran, semi-competent, correctly-fearful urbanites. Let me explain: You did not do the most rudimentary research on the ammunition, nor on the firearm that could use it. You just printed the feed....

7N6 ammo is nearly identical to the M855 steel core ammo that you can go buy at any sporting goods store for use in an AR-15. 7N6 ammo fits in the Soviet Union version of the AR-15 (.22 cal Utility rifle) which is available as a legal self-loading version for American civilians to own. The model number of the rifle type that uses 7N6 is AK-Seventy-Four (a modern very-good multi-purpose firearm), not AK-Forty-Seven (a 60+ year old weapon that uses mid-power .30 ammo, worth at least 2 good laying hens as a collectable).

Please improve your fact-checking so that Seattleites can better appreciate the surviving local newspaper of record. Perhaps, your paper could be worth a quarter a day again, or even the Dollar for 4 weeks currently asked.

Thank you.

Karl Keefer

Seattle RHS graduate, 1986

Fled my city in 1988.

I re-read the article, and noticed that it referred to "bullets". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

These are "Cartridges". More of the FAIL referred to above.

Anonymous said...

Hence the problem is intrusive and tyrannical US FED GOV and the BATF (an organization of political buffoons masquerading as Law Enforcement).

Sign Me, Neal Jensen