Monday, December 21, 2015

Three from Herschel Smith.

On the embarrassing revelation that he doesn't know crap from breakfast: Josh Horwitz of CSGV On the Evil Inherent in Pistol Grips.
Preparations For Texas Open Carry
Really, folks, this has become a silly, exaggerated, inflated, dramatic, overly-complicated, hysterical fit. I can say that because my home state is a traditional open carry state, and I have opened carried, and seen others doing the same. It’s just not the problem you are making it out to be. When it’s time for open carry to be legal, some men will decide to open carry, and life will go on. Business will occur, and the only crimes that may spiral out of control would be SWAT call-outs from politically motivated callers who use the cops to drive their points. Here’s a note to Texas police departments. If you don’t want to be used, don’t oblige. Don’t do it. Just say no. Stand up for yourself. Be men.
This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Armed Forces
This ain’t your grandfather’s or father’s army or marines. They’re a shell of what they once were, and destined to become worse. And the Air Force is focused on how to stop their football team from praying before games. If you had as your intent to destroy the armed forces of the U.S., what would you have done any differently?


Anonymous said...

So how much longer before the collectivists remove churches and religious services from military bases. Or religious services before going into battle. " Appeal to Heaven ". Sorely warranted. Behind enemy lines Ct.

Anonymous said...

"This Ain't Your Grandfather's Armed Forces" is music to my ears. Let's jump into the Way Back Machine and go to 29 Palms in the early 90's. Marines were being polled as to their willingness to go door-to-door and seize our firearms. The Progressive and SJW destruction of our Armed Forces started with that Marxist Bitch Patricia Schroeder and has continued apace through Clintonia(remember the Hollywood propaganda piece GI JANE?) to present day. But I am not ringing my hands or upset about all this.
When the festivities start, I would much rather be facing a group of ROTC girly-men who were forced to prance around in red high heels, hysterical faggots and dykes who have never heard a shot fired in anger, and losers who are along for the ride because of the freebies. They will be easier to deal with than the hardened soldiers I served with from 1969-1971. Never interrupt your enemies when they are busy destroying one another.

Chiu ChunLing said...

"What happens when an officer sees someone openly carrying a handgun in a holster, in accordance with the law, what can an officer legally do?"

Well, Mz. Edmonds, you could probably answer that question pretty well by considering what happens when a citizen sees an officer openly carrying a handgun in a holster, in accordance with the law. What do you think a citizen can legally do? If you let cops illegally harass and kill us just for legally doing what they legally do all the time, then what happens in court as a consequence of that is no longer the problem you need to consider.