Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Connecticut Supreme Court rules confiscation of firearms legal and constitutional."

"This is a stunningly arrogant display of contempt for the inalienable right of Connecticut residents to determine and GUN CONTROL 3provide for their own well-being."


Anonymous said...

Start enforcing your unjust laws, we'll see if the second time around ends any different!

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Executive Order or Not, ‘I’m Not Surrendering the Guns’

On December 18, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio referenced President Obama’s pending executive action on gun control and said executive order or not, guns will not be surrendered.

Crotalus said...

So, in Connecticut, the soapbox, ballot box, and the jury box have all failed. I guess it's up to the ammo box now, if they have the will to use it.

Slavery or war. That is their choice.

Anonymous said...

Malloy appointed this collectivist black robe as head of the Ct Supreme Court. Endorsed by both parties. His name escapes me. I do know the judge is a man . Who is married to another man. That toad Malloy and this couple's friendship goes back decades. In Ct most rabid collectivist sodomites are also rabid collectivist anti gunners. Just goes to show that these collectivist destroyer's. Do not represent the will of " We the People ".They do not represent America. Or our values. They are bent on destroying her. They have forsaken their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution. From all enemy's foreign and domestic. Because they are the domestic enemy's of the state. Confiscation/Civil War are fast approaching. Like snow you can smell it in the air. The crescendo of the drums of war are beating loudly. The Marxist, Rainbow, Potus Obama releases his No fly/No buy list. On the first of the New Year.Malloy gets his copy. Warrants will be drawn. If they are not already. Most likely. The 58,000 who registered their black rifles. Will be the first assaulted. My fellow Patriots of Ct. Enjoy you're Christmas. Cause it is going to be our last. An " Appeal to Heaven" .Is warranted. It is up to us now. We did not want this fight .But it is coming to our doorstep . Like the pot calling the kettle black. That lunatic collectivist toad Malloy. Calls us the lunatic fringe. Seems he does not care .How many will die on both sides. There is no Green Dragon Tavern. No unified standing militia. No John Parker. There is no justice .There is no law. I will not genuflect and kiss the hand of a tyrant. Behind enemy lines Ct.

TheBohunk said...

I'm confused. They state that this ruling was earlier this year, but link within the link states that that ruling was in 1995.

Has anything actually changed?

Chiu ChunLing said...

"As long as our citizens have available to them some types of weapons that are adequate reasonably to vindicate the right to bear arms in self-defense, the state" must necessarily lack the capability to "proscribe the possession of other weapons."

That's just what it means to have "weapons that are adequate reasonably to vindicate the right to bear arms in self-defense". If you can't actually defend yourself, you obviously lack weapons sufficient to vindicate that right.

I think maybe some folks need to look up "vindicate" in a dictionary.

Anonymous said...

They must be referring to some OTHER constitution, not the U.S. Constitution. The Connecticut Supreme Court are surely tyrants and deserve to be removed from office!

Kenny said...

The current Connecticut Supreme Court includes:
Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers[1]
Justice Richard A. Robinson[2]
Justice Richard N. Palmer[3]
Justice Peter T. Zarella[4]
Justice Dennis G. Eveleigh[5]
Justice Andrew J. McDonald[6]
Justice Carmen E. Espinosa[7]
Senior Justice Christine S. Vertefeuille[8]

Send them all a letter and email.

Anonymous said...

Yet earlier in the year CT Supreme Court (formerly 'of Errors') ruled that 'non-fireamr weapons were protected.

The Connecticut Supreme Court has recognized that the Second Amendment extends beyond firearms in State v. DeCiccio, after a Connecticut man moving to Massachusetts was arrested and convicted for transporting a dirk (a kind of long-bladed thrusting dagger used during the tall ship era, as well as ceremonially in certain cultures) and a police baton to his new home.

The court found that both kinds of non-firearms weapons are protected under the Second Amendment.

The court also found that the laws completely banning the transport of these weapons to be unconstitutional.

Surely this can only mean that the decission regarding 'assault weapons' and 'high capacity magazines' contravenes the tenents their own earlier ruling ... and is completely politically driven?

Ma Duce

Anonymous said...

We are all outlaws in the eyes of America
In order to survive we steal, cheat lie,forge, hide, and fuckin deal

Who woulda thought that Jefferson Airplane would speak for US ?...

Anonymous said...

After it starts focus on the ones who believe that they are untouchable, soon after thing will change for the better. They will realize that there are more of you then them. "Unintentional Consequences" are a bitch, ya know!

Galaxie_Man said...

I have been gleefully non-compliant since the first round of bans in 1994. There just wasn't a name for it until one was coined by The Dutchman for more recent events. The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance. I have actively participated in all of the following:


Your move Tyrants. Choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

The referenced article links back to a 1995 NYT article - this ruling is from 1995, prior to the Heller decision, and not a recent ruling.

Informed42 said...

The long lists of tyrants in governments, from Federal on down, should start having
'accidents' that dramatically reduce their numbers and influence, as well as their
continuing attempts to disarm the citizenry.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people expected differently. Their state government has been acting all communist for awhile...

I guess maybe its finally settling in that they will have to USE their 2nd Amendment now instead of talking about it. BUT I suspect they will instead roll over and surrender..

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

When has talk or voting changed anything for the better??? NEVER.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Fuck all those Admiralty Kangaroo Kourts. Fuck 'em all.