Saturday, December 19, 2015

Daily Mail -- "The Doomsday plan: Military bosses reveal survival system that is in place if America's power systems are wiped out by cyber attacks."

Even IF it works, that will be one LONG week. "Plan is dubbed Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and Characterization. It will include automated systems that will help restore power within 7 days."


quaker said...

Sadly, the RADICS system is not the "survival system in place," as the title of the Daily Mail article stated. I think there is no survival system in place. RADICS is a research program (The RADICS Proposers Day was held on Monday, December 14, 2015):

The goal of the RADICS program is to develop innovative technologies for detecting and responding to cyber-attacks on U.S. critical infrastructure, especially those parts essential to DoD mission effectiveness. DARPA is interested, specifically, in early warning of impending attacks, situation awareness, network isolation and threat characterization in response to a widespread and persistent cyber-attack on the power grid and its dependent systems. Potentially relevant technologies include anomaly detection, planning and automated reasoning, mapping of conventional and industrial control systems networks, ad hoc network formation, analysis of industrial control systems protocols, and rapid forensic characterization of cyber threats in industrial control system devices. (See Solicitation Number DARPA-SN-16-08.)

Cheery news, huh?

Chiu ChunLing said...

This survival plan for them, not for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Characteristic Obamaesk crap for the room temperature IQ. Most of the significant "blackouts" that have occurred in the Northeast have been correctable in a relative short duration of time because the critical infrastructure (i.e. transformers) have not generally been damaged. Anyone wishing to get serious will work on infrastructure. If that happens the re-supply issue is going to cause a significant delay because we just don't warehouse that stuff. Take the panic and chaos that was caused by our two historic Northeastern blackouts and prolong them beyond a week, and it will get sporty. There is nothing our command and control webfighters can do about that sort of damage.

Recall the night vision videos of transformers getting plinked in CA? Remember the fiber optic cable cuts in CA? Serious non keyboard stuff always trumps cybershit. That's it Skippy, think about that.

Anonymous said...

^ I would agree with that statement. "Management" knows damn well that a "cyber" attack would be recoverable in an flipping the switch to their disaster recovery sites. Heck they probably have a mirrored server environment right next to the affected environment. I work in this field I..KNOW that they do. The data logic side of the house has been thought of already.

Its the infrastructure the outdated components the physical backbone lines that are the weak link. And Management already knows that. The daily mail is just click baiting for revenue that's all there is to it. What they should really be talking about is what can you do if a hit does take place. Moreover, how to survive as the average slob that relies on electricity for their lives.

Its not good at all.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the more learned among us can enlighten me, but if they are activating a software based protocol after the software has been comprimised, how is that supposed to work? Wouldn't you have to essentially reboot the hardware with new uncomprimised code (with the appropriate new antivirus)? Preferably before the last three meals are consumed and the cities go zombieland.

Woodcanoe said...

Anyone who has seriously planned for a SHTF scenario is prepared to deal with a "grid-down" situation.

That government might NOT be prepared for such a situation should surprise absolutely no one!

San Bernardino jihadist Tashfeen Malik talked profusely, on Facebook, for three years, of her radical jihadist desire to kill innocent people yet not one of the fools who work for Homeland Security could be bothered to check out her presence on social media!!!

Security my ass! These idiots can't prepare for anything serious! As others have pointed out, in just the last year or two there have been several "dry runs" at taking out the electrical transmission system hardware and though there is no doubt that it is absolutely vulnerable to attack by improvised means, I doubt that much if any preparation has been made to deal with this possibility. In 1998 an ice storm in Maine shut down the eastern half of the state, for 6 weeks! More than a few of us profited from the lesson in all of that, and learned how to NOT depend upon the grid......just in case.

I doubt government is capable of that kind of thinking!


Anonymous said...

Apparently people are so inured by the relative standard if living that the fail to see the erosion of their rights, liberties and freedom by the state is all connected to the modern electric grid and the communication/brainwashing technologies recently emplaced...But oh no, cant miss my refrigerator beer and TV with football and Dancing with the Stars..., Oh no....Rights liberties and freedom, Who needs that shit, right?

You fail to see the ONE weakness of TPTB and your enslavement because your petty entertainment and conveniences are more important that any Freedoms you thought you had...The Founding Fathers would cringe at who those who call themselves Americans these days.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen