Thursday, December 31, 2015

Codrea: "New Year’s Gun Rights Resolutions Require Willingness and Commitment."

"Here’s one that’s effortless to keep, and frees you up to take on more: Don’t be that guy whose sole contribution to the cause is to submit 'Molon Labe' comments under blog, forum and social media posts. Many of us feel that way, but realize it’s going to take a lot more than that, and require actual efforts on all our parts if that sentiment is going to have any deterrent value."


MikeH. said...

So in short; shooting talks and bullshit walks? Can't get any more committed than that.

A Geriatric Threeper

Chiu ChunLing said...

There are a lot more people who need to get over the threshold of open defiance, getting at least to the point where they post "Molon Labe" on social media and such, before they'll do anything else.

If you're doing nothing else, you're still doing more than nothing...which is what most people are doing to preserve the Second Amendment.

Of course you should do more. So should everyone. The majority of concerned Americans should be moving from nothing to at least making "Molon Labe" a byword. Those who already say it should encourage others to say it, and strive to live it through non-compliance. Those already living it through non-compliance should help others become non-compliant as well as striving to warn any who would carelessly attempt confiscation of just how dangerous that is through organized protest and direct messages to potential culprits.

And those of us who have done all that need to actually kill enough of the enforcers and their masters to make it clear that we aren't just blowing smoke. For now, it remains strategically advantageous to do that in ways that don't result in propaganda for the blood dancers, but which still leave the enforcement class with some idea that such deaths might not have been entirely accidental. Paradoxically, that purpose is not best served using anything easily identifiable as "Arms" under the Second Amendment...for now.

Anonymous said...

It is not yet time to fight. THANK GOD ! It will be a horrible thing when we unleash Hell on them. Horrible for THEM, and horrible for US. Now is the time to make ready. Make ready, and PRAY that it may be avoided. But be sure that we will take our country back.
And save enough ammo for the Chinese invasion that may come after.