Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ben Shapiro: "How Many Americans Must Die For The Left’s Gun-Grab To Work?"

"Truthfully, the left would like a full-scale gun confiscation. That’s why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both suggested that the solution to gun violence would be a regime like Australia’s or Great Britain’s – both countries that seized large numbers of weapons from private owners."
But one thing is guaranteed: if the government wants a lot of people to get shot, all they’ll have to do is try a mass gun-confiscation.
According to the Congressional Research Service, as of 2013, there were 357 million guns in private hands. That’s 1.45 guns for every American. According to a Pew Research poll that same year, 37 percent of Americans say they or someone else in their home owns a gun. Gallup says that 43 percent of Americans say they have a gun in their home. Even if we take the lower number, that’s well over 100 million Americans with a gun in the home. So what sort of bureaucratic monster would be necessary just to identify gunowners and confiscate guns from a hundred million people?
And seizing those guns won’t just be a matter of asking politely. Americans have a longstanding opposition to government tyranny embodied in the Second Amendment; as the text suggests, gun ownership was meant to be an obstacle to those who would encroach upon the “security of a free State.” That includes members of the government. In fact, Americans widely believe that seizure of guns would be the ultimate manifestation of an attempted government tyranny. . .
Try telling those people that it isn’t tyranny to have a man with a gun come to their house and demand they turn over their weapons.
Try to imagine the carnage that would ensue, not in Connecticut or Washington, D.C., but in Texas or Arizona or Oklahoma. How many people would die for the government to prove its ability to save one life by seizing weapons from law-abiding citizens?
The left doesn’t care about those people, however. If Americans had to die in order to prove the superiority of the federal government, the left wouldn’t shudder. That merely demonstrates just how little the “save one life” argument actually matters to them. It’s merely a ruse for another power grab. As always.


Anonymous said...

"Luis Chama", in "Joe Kid" said it best "One day there was a fire". When this fire starts untouchables will get touched, as the 2nd is the last step in a complete take over. Those who died all thru this country's history will not be pissed upon by those who are still able an willing to defend this nation from domestic enemy's. The amount of killing will be larger than expected as once it starts all the pent up hate of those who take but never put upon the national table will be inclusive. Those who have lined their pockets in office, stolen with a pin, or helped free the guilty will rot in the streets as well.

Go ahead an get it started, allow true Americans who have exported death and destruction under the guise of national will (read defense Ind greed an deception) to show LE and others how it works in a real war where every one looks alike and knows the lay of the land. Remember when LAPD shot up Grandma and was shaking in their boots over a no body? What are they going to do when true past/present SF start targeting domestic enemy's. If you think 4th GWF is all that, wait until you get a front seat view of 6th generation! I will leave the enemy's of this country a message. When you start the final chess match(not game!)be full aware the rules prior to 8-8-45 will prevail.

MrGarabaldi said...

I have blogged about it also as have many others, The elitist view us as "expendable". the people exhorting the gun grab, sit behind their keyboards in their guarded liberal enclaves with armed guards and they expect the feds whom might be froggy, and the local police with few exception...ain't so froggy to just go in and take them. They view us in "flyover country" as expendables for their socialist utopian view of a city over the hill and we are just the "unwashed masses" that if we would just do as our "betters" tell us we would be better off.

Anonymous said...

The ONLY thing that would stop a liberal from pursuing their agenda is a hot, speeding bullet going in right between their eyes and coming out the back of their head along with a lot of blood, bone and grey matter. Get it? So go ahead, liberals. Give us a reason...PLEASE!

Galaxie_Man said...

Quoted from the article: "Try to imagine the carnage that would ensue, not in Connecticut or Washington, D.C., but in Texas or Arizona or Oklahoma. How many people would die for the government to prove its ability to save one life by seizing weapons from law-abiding citizens?"

Au contraire mon frer! I beg to differ in Ben Shapiro's reference to Kommiecticut. I believe he needs to be introduced to the Armed Civil disobedience of Non-Compliance born here and in NY. We didn't just say no to compliance, we said "HELL NO!!" Does he maybe think we were just fooling, and will simply roll over for confiscation? We may be from deep blue states, but when it comes down to it, most Yankees will bleed Libertarian red, and do so for their rights and their country without doubt. Kommiecticut, contrary to how it is portrayed, is mostly rural. Most of the uniformed sheeple obamabots live in the half dozen or so big cities. Enter the private property of a Cranky Yankee out in the small towns uninvited and see what happens. Got body bags?

As always, it is still their move.

Anonymous said...

Less than a dozen, at most.

Watchman said...

Am I the only one who realizes the true meaning behind the Deagle forecast which states the USA will lose 80% of it's population by 2025?

It is nothing more than the result of a revolution caused by the attempted gun grab.

The good part is that the 80% who are no longer with us are the pussy minded liberals who were behind the scheme.

Anonymous said...

Wars tend to be easier to start than they are to stop. No imagine if you want to give up but there's no one to surrender to.

Woodcanoe said...

Confiscation is going to be tried, it is just a matter of time. It has been clear for some time that there is no compromise possible.....with evil!

It is amazing to see how the "commie leftists" love the constitution when it is something that is important to them yet are willing to wipe their butts on it when it talks about something that they dislike!

We all know that these ignorant evil folks are going to push us into a corner, a position hee even a rat would be forced to fight a much bigger human being. The fight is coming for sure.

We are viewed as "beneath those who believe themselves to have the corner on knowledge" and to be not only "expendable" but would not be missed if gone.

We will have NO choice but to fight, and it won't be long now.


Capitalist Eric said...

To Mr. Shapiro's question, "How Many Americans Must Die For The Left’s Gun-Grab To Work?", the answer is quite simple (as far as the collectivists are concerned):

"As many as it takes."

Sad but true.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
I have posted this to you before.....the intent is the same...
I have a bunch of alum. cans and plastic bottles sitting on a board about 162 feet out past the shed. On the Deck I have on the table the radio old "Rock" tune comes blaring out..."War,,,Children,,,,it's just a SHOT Away,,aaaa!!!!!!" From my chair I put my Remington 597 on the rail.... and take aim......."POW!!".."Ping!!!" as a can flips up into the air......"Practice, Practice!" I say to my self ......

When the time comes, never mind 4G or 2G or what ever.....just remember..."Tuco's Law!!!"

Got Gunz.....OUTLAW!!!!!,

zsu2357 said...

Way I see it:Not if but when the goons come the first one is expensive and all the rest are free.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the left will ignore the reality of the situation until it smashes into their heads at 2700fps.

Sean said...

In answer to the question, I don't know: How many of THEM want to die in order to achieve their gun grabbing goals? (As an aside, they will not like it, and it will not be over soon.)

Anonymous said...

Is it too cynical to say "all of them?" please?

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Chiu ChunLing said...

I asked, "Well what is going to happen to those people we can't reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?" And the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.
And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers.

And when I say "eliminate," I mean "kill."

Twenty-five million people.

I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees, from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.

And they were dead serious.

The population is larger now, so I imagine the raw number of persons to be liquidated has increased even if the percentage has not grown. And the weathermen were simply being unrealistic, the percentage would have to be much higher for there to be any chance of success in taking away the fundamental rights of Americans. You can't settle for just killing those who would fight back directly, you have to kill those who would refuse to forget the crime...and those who would in turn be unable to forget the deaths of those who only refused to forget.

It's still not a majority, you can do a lot of remarkable things to the average human's mind with the threat of death. But it's a lot more than 10%.

Even for our current idiocracy.

Anonymous said...

I warned people a long time ago what the Communists would do. thank you Chiu ChungLing, Im glad someone else realizes the intent of the Communists have for America...People do not know and recognize the peril they are really in. So much for any self preservation instincts, they will react too late after too many loses before they will believe what they were told would happen. True Believers still think "It can't happen here"...Guess what you will soon be dead wrong, emphasis oin dead....

Whatever, THEY CAN pass into history as a another footnote of failure to understand their environment.

Sign me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

to all the 3 letter agencies and locals, dying aint much of a living
and your pension aint worth shit if yer dead .. and we are the ones funding it jackholes