Saturday, November 14, 2015

VDH: "Waging The War on “Terror,” Vichy-style."

A few hours before the catastrophic attack in Paris, President Obama had announced that ISIS was now “contained,” a recalibration of his earlier assessments of “on the run” and “Jayvees” from a few years back. In the hours following the attack of jihadist suicide bombers and mass murderers in Paris, the Western press talked of the “scourge of terrorism” and “extremist violence”. Who were these terrorists and generic extremists who slaughtered the innocent in Paris — anti-abortionists, Klansmen, Tea-party zealots?
. . . Our premodern enemies have certainly got our postmodern number. Newsmen compete to warn us not of more jihadists to come or the nature of the Islamist hatred that fuels these murderers, but instead fret about Western “backlash” on the horizon, about how nativists and right-wingers may now “scapegoat” immigrants. Being blown apart may be one thing, but appearing illiberal over the flying body parts is quite another. Let’s hurry up and close Guantanamo Bay so that it will stop “breeding” terrorists; and let’s hurry up even more to restart the “peace talks” to remind ISIS that we are nice to the Palestinians.


Anonymous said...

Islam, its Koran and the Hadiths, is a carefully considered and well crafted warplan with the endgame being total and complete world domination. Make no mistake, if a person cannot tell you the truth about Islam, then not one word coming out of their mouth about anything can be trusted. This is not about denial, my fellow countrymen, far too much has happened for it to be about misunderstanding or even naivite. Instead it is about active support for the forces of Islam and the endgame of dominance.

We have faced down tyrants since the inception of this nation. Now, we must face down the liars, both muslims and not, because behind the liars is from where the coming bloodshed originates. If you have never heard of Taqqyia, I suggest you familiarize yourself with it, for it is the method by which Liberty itself is being destroyed not just from Sea to Shining Sea, but from pole to pole.

This is the final battle folks, good versus evil, truth versus lie.
There is no middle ground, there are no sidelines and there is no out of bounds. The entire world, from the sands to the national parks, from the deepest oceans to the highest peaks, the entire world is the battlefield. There is no waiting it out, there is no sheltering in place and there is no placating both "sides" in order to come out the other end unscathed. There is only a choice to bow or fight, to be free or be enslaved.

Not choosing isn't even an option. Fence sitting isn't an option. Lots of people were sitting on the fence last night, as so many were even on 9-11, and they are still dead as a doornail. There is no hiding from this one, from this conflict.

Time to choose. Now.

I am fulfilled to know that as a III%er, my choice is made, educated, considered, pondered, weighed and made and that I stand unrelenting with others who have taken their duty seriously by choosing the same path.

Anonymous said...

Immigration: A Nation-Destroying Weapon of War!

Last night's bloody terrorist attacks in Paris should send alarm bells ringing all across the county. It's time for action.

Generations of Americans have been taught that state and nation mean the same thing. They do not. A state is a self-governing political entity. A nation is a tightly-knit group of people that share a common culture.

The American people have been deceived into believing that their political state (the United States) was under attack when, in fact, it is the nation's culture and Western Civilization itself that is being systematically destroyed.

The main problem with immigration for the United States is not economic although politicians in both parties want desperately to make that the only focus. It is not even that illegal immigrants have broken the law. No, the problem is far more serious. Immigration degrades and ultimately destroys our native culture and replaces it with immigrant culture. If immigration is left unchecked, the United States will become a third world country before the decade is out!

Woodcanoe said...

I like this comment from reader C LEE NICKEL:

......."Here's my starting suggestions: End Islamic immigration to the western world. Period. Invalidate any lawsuit brought by any Islamic that has to do with his/her religious "rights". Any Islamist immigrant who commits any felony is deported, no questions asked. Any Islamic immigrant who utters a single anti-western sentiment within the western world is deported immediately. Any Islamist who vocalizes anti western sentiment, anywhere in the world, is declared an enemy to the western world. Begin carpet bombing of ISIS/Al Qaeda/ Militant Islam strongholds worldwide immediately, no quarter, burn it to a crisp. Every militant Islamist stronghold should look like Dresden, Germany or Tokyo/Nagasaki, Japan after WW2. Any Islamic leadership of a nation which refuses to side with the western world is declared an enemy state and is fair game. Any Islamic leadership who refuses to materially support the west and chooses to harbor militant Islam is declared an enemy state and is fair game"......


Yep, but if this ISIS bullshit continues this kind of response will ultimately be provoked....that is if any leader in the western world still has any balls!

When you are eventually forced to fight for your culture and your life NO quarter is asked for and NONE given!

How many innocents died in the raid on Dresden Germany and the fire raids on Tokyo early in 1945?

War is hell! And that side is at WAR with us as I see it!


Anonymous said...

The liberal elites are going to bring these jihadists in by the plane and boat load. They claim the Statue of Liberty demands nothing less. I say armed revolution demands nothing less. To take the "Founders Republic" back. All past options and choices have availed us naught. The District of Criminals are the vilest pack of scoundrels on the planet. We the yeoman are the ones who are going to have to compete and live with these bloody Muslim Wogs. While the anointed political class. Is safe and secure in their gated communities. Being protected by machine gun toting armed guards. They have another thing coming. The veil of their tyranny has been lifted. I will never comply. Nor allow their unconstitutional laws to pull my teeth. Behind enemy lines Ct.

Kenny said...

It's awesome to read on facebook thisnumber of III %.

Anonymous said...

Ammo should be the first thing on our Christmas lists!
- Old Greybeard