Monday, November 16, 2015

"ATF officials in charge of scandalous gunwalk program allowed to retire."

What the heck. They were only little fish in a monstrous, murderous conspiracy against the Constitution that killed American law enforcement officers and a few thousand Mexicans. But then again, almost every federal department including the FBI, the NSC and the State Department was involved as well. I mean, if you can excuse that, you can excuse anything, right? Keep the names on file, though. You never can tell when they might be indicted and convicted under the implacable Law of Unintended Consequences.


quaker said...

BATFE will not mess around with such miscreants. They were called on the carpet and told in no uncertain terms: "You either retire or we will promote you!"

Otto Didact said...

I am mistified. Precisely what part of this story is in any way surprising? Instead of being guests of the taxpayers in one of those "resort communities" the fedgov operates in the country, they get a generous stipend (from those same taxpayers) and can go to work somewhere else. Why would any thinking person expect it to be different?

We are living under a kakoiocracy (from the Greek "kakoios", the superlative form of "kakos" - bad/evil).

Anonymous said...

No surprise, nothing in the Obamanation Administration is untouched by corruption and criminality..OF COURSE they went uncharged and allowed to retire, NOTHING has Changed since the HW Bush reign nor the Clinton Administration.

the entire US FED GOV is festooned with scumbags and criminals, but people keep deluding themselves that is simply cannot be so, and look what happens...

Sign me, Neal Jensen

GamegetterII said...

Due to the efforts of Mike Vanderboegh,David Codrea,and Sharyl Atkisson-no one,aside from those involved, would have known about the fustercluck that was Operation Fast and Furious.
Even though there were no consequences for those who ran the operation-the scum sucking pieces of excrement were caught in the act.
The publicity caused BATFE,the Holder DOJ, and the Obama admins attempt at generating support for more draconian "gun control" laws to fail.
They'll never stop trying-and those of us who are gun rights "activists" will never stop fighting back.
Hopefully,our side wins more of the battles than their side until all the unconstitutional "gun control" laws have been repealed.