Sunday, November 29, 2015

No big surprise here. Or is there? "One confused human being."

"Opportunists Blaming Constitutionalists for Planned Parenthood Murders."
"True to form, and consistent with Rahm Emanuel’s advocacy to never let a serious crisis go to waste, citizen disarmament swindlers and other totalitarian lobby shills have taken to social and 'regular' media to lay blame for Friday’s Colorado Planned Parenthood murders on groups that stand in the way of their goals. Those include gun owners, right to life activists, Republicans, Christians, white males, and others 'progressives' view as impediments and threats to their objective of total control. That’s typical collectivist thinking. Blame a group you want to marginalize and demonize for the actions of a misfit aberration, and draw fraudulent generalized conclusions from which to infringe on rights and increase the state’s control."
WND reports: "As it turns out, Dear’s not even a Republican — he’s registered to vote in Park County, Colorado, as unaffiliated. And as a female! Voter registration information posted by Gateway Pundit gives Dear’s address and notes, 'Her voting status is: Active. She is unaffiliated.'" The guy was also a skinny-dipping peeping tom and animal torturer from Black Mountain NC, who, according to neighbors was "barely cognitive."
From this, I guess we could profitably investigate his links to notorious racist lawyer (and FBI snitch) Kirk Lyons, right?
On the other hand, he lists his political party as "UAF." And what is the UAF, you might wonder? Unite Against Fascism (UAF) is an anti-fascist pressure group in the United Kingdom, with support from politicians of the three largest political parties in the House of Commons, including the current Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and the late Labour politician Tony Benn. It describes itself as a national campaign with the aim of alerting British society to a perceived threat of fascism and the far right — in particular the British National Party (BNP) . . . As of 2014, its honorary presidents are Doreen Lawrence, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon and Ken Livingstone. Its joint secretaries are Weyman Bennett of the Socialist Workers Party and the Anti-Nazi League, and Sabby Dhalu, formerly of the National Assembly Against Racism (NAAR). One of the UAF vice-chairs is Azad Ali, who in 2009 was suspended as a civil servant in the Treasury after he wrote approvingly on his blog of an Islamic militant who said that as a Muslim he is religiously obliged to kill British soldiers in Iraq.
So rather than a right-winger, he's a collectivist that swings both ways? Or maybe he's just a nutburger. To use the Washington Post headline about Aryan Republican Army terrorist and bankrobber Pete Langan: He's a "cross-dressing, transsexual neo-Nazi bank robber (and one confused human being)."


Anonymous said...

An Open letter to gun grabber Obama, Hillary and the Supreme court

To begin on a positive note, let’s start with thanking you for making the colossal mistake of admitting the obvious to us all:
That you do indeed want to CONFISCATE our guns with your endorsement of gun control Australian style
In most cases, gun grabbers wait until they passed the step of promising not to do so and conning people into registration (always a necessity in taking the people’s means of self defense) before talking CONFISCATION, but you and your fellow travelers “jumped the Gun” and started to believe your own hegemony.

This is all fine and dandy with many of us – we find your new found honesty about your Socialism and a love for gun Confiscation to be quite refreshing as of late, but I digress….

Perhaps you and your comrades have underestimated the people, that we weren’t paying attention and didn’t notice this egregious blunder on your part.. sorry to break the news to you, but we did.

And with Al Gore’s creation of the internet, we can spread news of this far and wide. So the cat’s out of the bag and you ought to acknowledge the truth for all time.

None the less, I do have some more pressing matters to discuss with you on guns and your obsession with stealing them from us.

Let me make a few things perfectly clear to you .
1. You can forget for your statist fantasies about controlling our Private property through Intergalactic Background Checks.
(Intergalactic is decidedly more ‘comprehensive’ than universal, don’t you agree? I though you would)

You people barely have the authority to control this over state lines with the atrocious Wickard V. Filburn decision, but you surely DON’T have the authority to control my private property and my selling something to a neighbor down the block.

But go ahead and get another ruling that once again rips apart the founding documents and the rule of law. As a nation we’re getting mighty close to not given a flying fornication what 9 citizens on the supreme court have to say on this or any subject. So keep pushing the boundary boys and girls, one of these days we’re going to ignore your rulings like you ignore the rule of law.

2. We aren’t Registering anything with you people.

Never mind that history has shown the sequence to be registration, Confiscation, annihilation..

Never mind that you have already admitted that is just an incremental but necessary step to confiscation.

And never mind that you think you’ve fooled people into believing your Bull cookies about “Gun Safety”

No, the Good lord has granted us the natural right of self defense and you aren’t taking that away under ANY circumstances…

If you doubt our resolve on this point, may I to refer you to the socialist red state of New York and other environs who have steadfastly refused your Stalinist dictates.

No, we don’t need your Permission to defend ourselves – We already have that, thank you very much.

Did you miss the memo from well nigh over 200 years ago from the people about the consent of the governed? [And I’m talking the citizens of the US, not the golden horde of imposters you’ve been willfully bringing in over the border to tip the balance and destroy the nation]

So you can stuff your tyrannical dreams of registration where the sun don’t shine, It’s not happening.

3. And we for dang sure aren’t going to let you confiscate our means of defense from a tyrannical government. But that should be obvious to you by now.

So go ahead and knock yourself out passing all manner of new laws and regulations, or new supreme court decisions that trample on the very documents you swore to protect.

You people have very capably demonstrated the art of ignoring the rule of law, and if you can do it – SO CAN WE THE PEOPLE!!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't go unnoticed that the media seems fixed on the perp and not those poor souls lost. The perp was obviously a complete nutjob with a long history of such. Did he have any convictions or mental health admittance's that would have prevented his purchase or firearms ownership? Fairly likely. If so, GCA68 fails again. Bans don't work, as criminals routinely ignore them.

Sadly, amongst the limited mourning for those souls lost, I don't hear anyone decrying the death of multiple hundreds+ of aborted babies? The most vulnerable among us murdered openly by the death cult of liberals. An utterly sad silent commentary on the state of our society.


Anonymous said...

This appears to be another badly-done attack by an idiot-programmed by the Obama government, like the Dylann kid who plays with toy Confederate flags and shot nine people in a Charlotte church. It worked so well getting rid of Rebel flags, maybe now it will work to create sympathy of Planned Homicide.

Nemesis said...

I believe the irony of a cop being killed defending a baby slaughterhouse has been missed by many.

Anonymous said...

Planned Genocide by the collectivists on un born fetuses. Its not going to end well for either side. But you know what. I've made my peace with God. Behind enemy lines,Ct.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I don't see the irony of a cop defending a murder-mill. Perhaps you could explain it?

Anonymous said...

The police officer was a pro-life Christian who preached at his church.

Nemesis said...

Chiu, we meet again. You can't see the irony in what occurred? A cop giving his life to protect those in a house of ill-repute? Perhaps you could explain to me why it is that you can't see the irony?

Anonymous said...

Great points Nemesis....the perfect picture of how far from reason our society has gone....cops defending murder clinics, the corrupt dying siupposedly defending the other legal murderers. karmic justice is a funny thing that way...When a corrupt society goes off the rails, good people die failing to correct that derailing really does pay for a society that actually cares, to be proactive at not letting the corrupt destroy the foundation of what a Constitutional Republic was meant to be.

Citizens that do NOT takle personal responsibility for the state of their country, will reap the rewards of their complacency laziness, and cowardice.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I can see the irony of a devout Christian giving his life to defend a murder mill.

But if he was just protecting the people in and around the area, that's less ironic.

For a cop to defend whatever the government declares legal, however morally abominable, isn't ironic at all. It's called "just following orders", and is the defining attribute of a cop.

Anonymous said...

The "anonymous" comment above directed to Nemesis, i forgot my signature on it. my apologies.

Sign Me , Neal Jensen

Nemesis said...

Thank you Neal Jensen. John Stuart Mill has a very profound statement concerning the societal slippery slope into evil and the loss of civilization when the ordinary citizen abdicates his responsibility to ensure that good men prevail over the evil ones.

'Let not anyone pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part and forms no opinion. Bed men need nothing more to compass their ends, that that good men should look on and do nothing.'

Chiu ChingLing. There is a difference between Nazis just following orders and police who are charged with the protection of state and the citizen. It is called discretion, and every police officer has it, and is entitled to use it. The officer killed in that incident was active to some extent within his Church. And you know as well as I do, that while government may pass 'laws' those 'laws' passed are not necessarily moral or backed with good intention, and that individuals who are moral and have good intentions will inevitably choose to obey or not to obey them due to their own conscience.