Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So much for those who put their hopes in the black-robed bandit gang. David Codrea: "In Refusing to Consider Marine’s Ordeal, SCOTUS Weakens Deterrents to Hearsay Commitments."

"Per its posted Proceedings and Orders, the Supreme Court declined to hear the Case of Brandon Raub last Monday. That slams shut a door in the face of a Marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who was seeking justice for his unlawful detention for disapproved political speech. It also leaves other Americans in similar danger of being committed to institutions based on 'experts' relying on what police tell them rather than on impartial evaluations and due process."


PO'd American said...

Yes, our police state exists. Every day, new cases and circumstances come to light that prove that the founders had it right from the very beginning; governments can't be trusted.

Chiu ChunLing said...

"SCOTUS has turned its back on past, current and future victims of the “mental health” blanket dragnet, including on those who may be injured or killed in the process of being unjustly incarcerated."

Keep in mind that it can be much more convenient for the government to kill you "accidentally" and avoid the possibility of competent mental health evaluation reversing their preferred outcome. If there are no other witnesses, it isn't difficult at all to make up a story that portrays even the most egregious shooting as "justified", and there are a lot of ways to use 'less lethal' force to inflict death.

If you think Brandon Raub's case was exceptional, you're right. The FBI has been doing this for 6 years now, to hundreds of veterans, and Raub's case is pretty much the only one that received national attention.

Pericles said...

Do not go quietly into the night