Monday, November 23, 2015

Chuck Baldwin on the Paris attacks.

Baldwin's take: "The Paris attacks, the refugee crisis, ISIS, a world on the verge of global war: it’s all a manipulated contrivance of the globalist elite to eviscerate freedom and usher in Huxley’s 'Brave New World,' aka George H.W. Bush’s 'New World Order.' Folks, get your eyes off of the Wizard and start looking for the man (men) behind the curtain, because that’s the real enemy."


Anonymous said...

"We" are not allowed to say who or what the WHY of it all is.

They created the Federal Reserve on Jekyll Island and still run it and have stolen almost everything with it.

They own all the media outlets and the lies it spews.

They own hollywood and push all the mind numbing propaganda onto anyone who will watch teevee to destroy us from within.

They consist of only .2% of the earths population and consider it their destiny to control us all.

If you want to know who is in control? Criticize them and you will be slapped down.


Crotalus said...

Amazing, how letting in the Jihadis mixed in with the real refugees works for his plans of martial law and becoming emperor.

MissAnthropy said...

He may be right that the US government has been the great instigator of the current unrest in the Middle East, but he is imagining things if he believes it is merely "Christian propaganda" that Islam is bent on world domination. Islam *is* bent on world domination, and its adherents are more than happy to literally carry banners bearing that message. The Koran commands the Muslim faithful to do exactly that, dominate the world.

Does Chuck Baldwin believe the incursions into Europe are anything other than the same old, same old, just given new energy? They have been doing this since the 8th century when they swept through Iberia and into France. They have made repeated attempts to conquer Europe since.

These Ron Paul / ZeroHedge / Chuck Baldwin types are so enamored of the idea that they've taken off the blinders, that they don't realize they've swapped one set of blinders for another.

Nemesis said...

And in a nut shell - he's right! That is why Putin is playing hard ball against the current Western establishment. He knows exactly where all this is headed!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Baldwin gets it. Period.

Anonymous said...

I agree Entirely with Chuck Baldwin's assessment and believe the United States and the Western Allies are 100% behind the Funding, development and support of 'isis'!...TREASON!