Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Two for the Praxis file.

From Sam Culper: Good Chart of Rules for the Use of Burner Phones
A Guide to Understanding LiPo Batteries
This one was forwarded to me by a faithful reader with the comment: "Useful information for those of us that still think that all long term battery technology involves lead plates and acid electrolytes. If you plan on humping comm. radios, using "hobby" security drones, or other high energy draw items you need to learn about LiPo batteries. They have some real advantages, but they can cause trouble, too."

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jed said...

Nice article - thanks, Mike.

Here's another resource: Battery University

Oh, that picture showing cutting through both wires at once with a pair of dikes? Yeah, done that. :-) Well, it wasn't on a battery, it was on a bench power supply, so not all that exciting. That's what fuses are for, isn't it?