Saturday, November 21, 2015

I have tickets for the Donald Trump rally later this morning, but Rosey and I decided we're not going.

The announcement: "Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill confirmed that Trump will hold a rally at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex Saturday. The rally will begin at 11 a.m., but doors will open at 9 a.m."
Of course, now that the US Secret Service is handling the Donald's security, you can (according to local teevee) forget about concealed carrying in the rally. No firearms, no knives, no sharp objects, no frowning, arched eyebrows or bad attitudes. He may be "all about the Second amendment," but his federal handlers ain't. In fact they're warning folks to expect "security measures like you would see at the Atlanta airport" and to leave any large purses or backpacks at home. One local Trump supporter actually warned on talk radio not to "look furtive or guilty" so you won't be detained by the federales. Although they are now saying that the doors will open at 8:30 AM, they are also saying to expect to spend long times standing outside in the cold because "the Secret Service is going to be searching everybody." This is said to be required because of the ISIS attack in Paris. "They'll be looking for suicide vests," it is said. Parking is also non-existent downtown at the best of times and unless you want to park in the feral hunting grounds of gangbangers close by the venue, you are limited to paying $8 to $10 to park in one of the notoriously insecure parking garages run by the equally notorious and corrupt local authorities. Freezing my testicles off while standing in line for hours on my bum knee and then getting groped while acting as a bit-part stand-in for some kabuki theater dedicated to "our collective security" is not something I am willing to endure just to get a look at the Donald and his supporters up close. Rosey wisely concurs. You may conclude from that that I am not a Trump fan and you would be right.
Instead, we are going to go pick up brass at the local range and maybe take in a couple of yard sales where I can buy some small items we can turn on EBay for fundraising. At least we won't suffer the indignity of being groped by tax feeders and we can retreat to the warm car at our leisure. Sorry, Donald, you ain't worth the hassle.


Chiu ChunLing said...

My interest in politics pretty well ended back when they couldn't convict and remove Clinton.

Obama is even worse (from a strictly Constitutional perspective) and they can't even impeach.

I understand why people prefer not to believe that open internecine war is the best remaining possibility. I don't quite get how any politically involved person avoids knowing it, the delusions they resort to in their denial strike me as genuinely impossible to believe. Donald Trump save America? That's even less plausible than God turning away His wrath if we just elect a squeaky-clean-living Mormon...then again there's been a few years worth of erosion in the plausibility of any scenario which gets us out of pit of Obamanation.

I'm not saying that there is no value in simply believing fervently enough to keep putting one foot in front of the other, but at this point people need to start believing in the Second Amendment a lot more than they believe in any politician. The Second Amendment can't save everyone, but it will save a lot more people than anyone in politics will.

Kenny said...

There are time to go to rally's, this is not one of them. Physical limitations
are a big deal. We can watch them on TV and get more from that and stay warm with a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Like watching football, why the hassle, money etc, I like the comfort of my house, Best part is I can defend myself in my house.....

Anonymous said...

I see enough of Trump on TV, so I won't be going to see him, either. By the way, rally's is not the plural of rally. The apostrophe is not needed. The plural of rally is rallies, anyway.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Don't "look furtive or guilty"? Or insane?
Isn't that the point of a Trump rally?
I guess at least he isn't vetted so.

Anonymous said...

I didn't' realize the circus had such security. Are clowns a national treasure?

Anonymous said...

kabuki theater- perfect. the masks, the tragedy, the comedy- it is all there. best to be safe, and stay away.

Bill St. Clair said...

In a free country, they'd charge a security fee if you were NOT armed, and let you in free if you were.

B-4 said...

Thought about going but, a cut rifled barrel arrived yesterday afternoon for my G-23. That "trumps" B/S flowing from the protectors of known lairs/thief's any day with me. Sad to say I never thought I'd never see the day where I could care less about potential leadership of this nation but the past/present trash has put my give a damn in hibernation. I don't care what happens any more, nor do I care about the law, no one else does and they are damn sure no better than I. Had a nice day at the range as well, picked up on a few new moves an honed my drawing ability. Shot a few photos (all in the tee box, thank you) Hope I never need it anymore but when it comes to my street no matter the rags worn, then I will allow my contempt to step up an solve the issue. Have a nice day.

B-4 (still tee-boxing 8x10 glossy's at 300yds in old age)

Rivenshield said...

I am sorry you are not going, and will continue to pray for your swift recovery.

I'm not much of a fan either. I do not for one instant believe the man is a Bible-believing Christian nor a Constitutional conservative. I shake my head to think that the best our Republic can cough up in this dark hour is a wealthy loudmouth from New Yawk Sitty. But.... he is upsetting all the right people. And the more they get upset, the wider he grins and the harder he clamps down.

As Lincoln said of Grant, we cannot spare this man. He fights.

Anonymous said...

If I were Trump I'd be more worried about Obama's SS than some random protester.

Then again at the Worcester MA rally they hauled out a convicted domestic terrorist after he started shouting. At the same rally an 18 year-old BLM woman rallied her own peeps to "kill Trump." An MSNBC host said on the air somebody 'needs to put a bullet in Trump."

RINO'S are spending millions to crucify him and the collectivists would so like to see him gone and are letting RINO's do their dirty work for the time being.

Nobody else in the field can pull this off against the Marxists--everybody wants to fight fire with fire. Well, that's what Trump is doing.

The only thing I have against him using Obama's SS is not getting searched, it's the fact that Jarrett gives them the orders. Watch it Trump.

Anonymous said...

I notice that the idiots in Louisiana have elected a damned democrat as their governor the first time in many years. Methinks they have far too many government-dependent people in New Orleans!

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Hey B4,
The plural of thief is not thief's. In fact, an apostrophe is not used to make any noun plural. An apostrophe might be used to make a word possessive. If you're talking about something that belongs to a thief, such as the thief's gun, then you would use the "'s". The plural of thief is thieves. The plural of dog is dogs. Hey blog readers, please quit thinking that "'s" makes a word plural. Where did you people go to school? You're showing your ignorance, which is truly severe when it comes to the English language. Using better English will greatly improve your communication skills.

- Old Greybeard