Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ralph Peters channels Curtis LeMay.

"The generals who won World War II would start by leveling Raqqa, the ISIS caliphate’s capital. Civilians would die, but those remaining in Raqqa have embraced ISIS, as Germans did Hitler. The jihadis must be crushed. Start with their “Berlin.” Kill ten thousand, save a million."


Allen said...

I don't have much of a problem with turning raqqa into a smoking hole in the ground. if these people are stupid enough to put up a target and fill it with their command structure, we'd be idiots to let it go.

any innocents still there will get more mercy from a 500lb bomb than they will ever get from the barbarians running the place.

Chiu ChunLing said...

"The base line is that you can’t win by playing defense."

We don't know that until we actually try mounting an effective defense. Arm the people. Close the borders. I do not believe that Islam is as great a threat without the active cooperation and support of Western governments. The evidence isn't there.

Anonymous said...

War is hell. Sometimes good people die in war. We did not start this war. Indeed, we have tried everything and then some to avoid this war.
All "innocent" deaths are on the shoulder of those who started this war and continue to wage it despite all our efforts to stop it short of a solution of this nature. I reject the notion that WE are responsible for THEIR war, their ISLAMIC war. Those who attempt to shame US for Muslims responsibility own their own shame.

Anonymous said...

Chui, that is one of the most naive statements I have ever read. Islam has threatened and made war with EVERY society for almost 1500 years - even their own. You may well not believe it, but it is true none the less. It is inaccurate for you to claim "it hasn't been tried". Friend, literally EVERYTHING has been tried, except outright, to the end, concerted and purposeful OFFENSE.

Just like Imperial Japan.

There is only a military solution to this problem. One that forces what Islam seeks to avoid the most - individual responsibility (as opposed to collective responsibility). Only when Individual Muslims clean up their own house will this come to an end. 1500 years is plenty of time for it to become painfully obvious that they are unwilling and or incapable of cleaning up their own house.

It is time people stop looking for any other solution than the one that is necessary. Avoidance is not a strategy. Let's list some things shall we?

Just us, this is just the things tried in the last three hundred years.
Totally disengaged militarily.
Fighting back against piracy only on the water.
Landfall, but only to engage pirates "base" of operations.
Politically correct aid. Ignoring the violence trade. Downright dhimmitude.
Looking the other way for "stability". Plain diplomacy. Threatening diplomacy.
Meddling around the edges. Outright pitting one "side" against the other. Even siding openly one against the other.
Limited military engagement and leaving.
Toppling of entire regime(s)and nation-building.
Non-stop excuse making for "bad" muslims, trying to hold a candle for "good" muslims.
All this and more tried - and it always ends up the same way. Kindness taken and used as weakness. More attacks, more bloodshed, heck, mindless bloodletting. Utter barbarity is the response - and for 1500 years.

Time to look somewhere else for the problem, friend. Islam, right at the core, is the problem. Blaming us for "not trying something" is out of bounds. We have tried, everything under the sun and most more than once. That bring us to today, when and where enough is quite literally enough.

The choice now is simple. Muslims can admit an internal war (muslim versus muslim) where the entire world stands aside only dealing with an outcome or the world versus Islam to settle it once and for all. Note that the King Of Jordan understands that the time for excuse making and blaming US is OVER. Because it IS over. This bloodletting and barbarity stops NOW, one way or the other. Notice, it only involves us if MUSLIMS make it about us. And notice too that it is MUSLIMS making it about us. 9-11 should have been plenty. Again, enough is enough.

Paul Bonneau said...

The generals who won WWII were war criminals (most of them anyway). They just had the good fortune to end up on the winning side, which is a perfect "get out of jail free" card.

Harry_the_Horrible said...

Unfortunately we subscribe to rules that prevent us from using "disproportionate force." That is one reason I believe we should be abandoning the Geneval Conventions. It isn't like we're actually fighting anybodoy who abide by them...

Joe said...

One: LGM-30G

Target: 21.4225° N, 39.8262° E

Result: World Peace.


oughtsix said...

Paul Bonneau, I am beyond tired of reading you and all the rest of the anarchist crowd, pouting and stamping your feet about how nothing is your responsibility... but you; how anyone with any other idea is a "collectivist." How is that any different than the SJWs and libertardians in general screaming Raaaacist! at anyone who disagrees with them?

All well and good. Everyone should be self responsible, but that's merely, as they say, "A good beginning." Like a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean.

When "they" come for you, whoever "they" may be, you will find that you and you alone are completely responsible and that there is no one left to help you. How grand it will be to prove your pet theory.