Sunday, November 15, 2015

All hail John Moses Browning and Ma Deuce! The 324th M-2 ever made is just now being overhauled at Anniston Army Depot for the first time.

"Cody Bryant, left, and Corby Tinney inspect the 324th M2 receiver ever produced. The weapon arrived at Anniston Army Depot to be converted to a M2A1 in May."
"The Army found an M2 .50 caliber machine-gun still shooting perfectly after 90 years of service."


Anonymous said...

that's the way things were once made in this country, And with American steel..Macy's in NYC still has escalators form pre-WWI and they're still running. Some have wooden steps. You can't kill these things. The only way to keep a phony economy running is by throwing things away daily and buying a new one; that will also be thrown away...Our "newest" car is a 1999 Mustang, and the daily driver is a 1988. When it snows and the plows haven't come through yet, I break out the 1953 Dodge M-37 3/4 ton military pick-up. Starts even after sitting for 6 months or so. You need to be a gorilla to operate it but the damn thing is reliable and goes through anything..

Bill Sullivan said...

I agree with the comments above. I had a 1951 M-37 that had been through hell with a line construction company. I ran it for over 9 years, and it lived up to it's reputation as the best pickup truck ever made. I thoroughly regret selling it, and my children are still holding that decision against me. The M-2 Browning will still be going when my grandchildren are long gone. Like a hammer, some things don't need much improvement to keep going.

Otto Didact said...

My son (a veteran of Operation Desert Shield and Storm) advises me that a Ma Duce is hell on a camel. . . . Pisses living hell outta the camel's owner, too. ;)