Monday, November 16, 2015

Two from Herschel Smith.

The Bataclan And The Death Of The Globalist, Secular Utopia
"Everyone in the French government is shocked. No thinking man is shocked. This was the inevitable deliverance of a ruling class who hates us. America is the product of Continental and Scottish Calvinism, unquestionably a Christian nation. The current administration, along with ISIS, hates who we are. This is coming to America – it is already in America – and it is our responsibility to be ready for it."
"Tom Ricks On Gun Control."
"I wonder if Tom is concerned enough about the black community to cause an American civil war over gun confiscations, or to see a government that has lost any semblance of control because no one observes its laws? Does he really think we’re going to go along with more gun control? Finally, I am left wondering if Tom wrote this piece when he was partly nuts or bigtime nuts? For the record, I’m not nuts."


Sean said...

Why bother reporting any of this, Mike? No one is going to do anything about it anyway.

Chiu ChunLing said...

The problem isn't people being "nuts".

The problem is evil. And, as noted, plenty of people kill for reasons of rational self-interest. The vast majority of the hundreds of millions of murders of the last century were not motivated by any clinically definable insanity on the part of the actual killers, but rather because they were placed in a situation where carrying out the murders was profitable to them, in a rational cost/benefit calculation.

When most people are armed, the pool of victims it is safe to kill with impunity shrinks dramatically, because not only can you not count on the victims being unable to defend themselves, you can be almost certain that there will be many people with the will and means to avenge the loss of any innocent lives.

This possibility is...unsettling to many government agents and officials who know their own hands to be stained with innocent blood. A truly free society cannot exist until we work through the vengeance necessary for the irrevocable crimes committed by tyranny.

It may be possible to forgive some...but anciently it was understood that forgiveness was only possible where there was a right of vengeance to forgo. To say, "I forgive you," means nothing more or less than, "I have a lawful claim to vengeance against you, which I hereby relinquish as a free gift to you."

If you do not acknowledge the lawful claim to vengeance, then there can be no meaning whatsoever in forgiving it.

I wonder how many will discover, at the great day of Judgment, that they have no claim to God's forgiveness of their transgressions because they never really forgave those who trespassed against them because the state denied they had a lawful claim of vengeance to forgo?