Monday, November 30, 2015

The United States of Injustice. If there is no justice in halls, it can be arranged that there is justice in the streets. The only thing is, such justice comes with a butcher's bill.

"We are becoming an unjust society. Where citizens used to be equal, there are now two kinds of citizens. There are the allies of Obama, and there are the rest of us. There are two sets of laws, two standards of behavior, two Americas – one for them, and one for us. Look at Hillary Clinton, that poisonous, pant-suited toad whose shameless, felonious email antics would have her in a federal court docket if she was anyone else except the Democrat frontrunner. It’s not even a close call – those of us who dealt with classified information understand that had we done a tenth of what she did we would be spending the next decade transforming big rocks into little rocks at Leavenworth. In fact, General Petraeus did just a tenth of what she did, and he was prosecuted. But though her guilt is beyond question, she never, ever will be. . ."
"Our rights are trampled. Our money is confiscated to the extent that nearly half our labor is devoted to funding a government that is incompetent at every basic task besides oppression. Our contributions to society are belittled, as if the welfare-sucking losers living on Democrat handouts built this country instead of us. This is unjust. This is wrong. And this will not last. Where there is no justice, there will be no peace. Trump is only the harbinger of a much deeper anger, and a fully justified one. It cannot continue; the status quo is not static, and injustice will create a reaction. Upheaval is coming, and chaos looms if we stay this course. It’s not too late to fundamentally transform back into a just society, but that would take a real leader. And right now, we don’t have one."


Chiu ChunLing said...

Justice always has a butcher bill. You can arrange for the violence to be clean, and orderly, and generally accepted as necessary.

You cannot arrange for there to be no violence inherent in the administration of justice.

Attempting to do so only ensures that the violence must be inflicted in bloody moral chaos.

Anonymous said...

Some animals are more equal than other animals. The beltway and the anointed class need to be burnt to the ground. Behind enemy lines Ct.