Monday, November 23, 2015

The Jack Yantis Case: Tax-fed assassins execute citizen in Idaho.

A king of men was killed by boys in blue, or rather by deputy sheriffs, Barney Fife’s types. But these Barney Fifes, while just as insecure as he of Mayberry, are on steroids and their AR’s have banana clips full of bullets, verses one in the pocket. And they unloaded these magazines into the torso of a king. On that murderous evening the venerable Idahoan rancher and logger Jack Yantis, age 62, was having dinner with family and a friend when he received a call from the sheriff dispatcher informing him his prized 2,500-pound black Gelbvieh bull had been hit by a Subaru station wagon outside his ranch gate. The bull’s rear leg was shattered by the collision. When Jack arrived at the scene the deputy sheriffs had already been taking pot shots at the bull from a safe distance away with no effect other than to enrage it. Jack probably displayed both sorrow for his bull and disgust with the hapless deputies. A enraged, hurt bull is a dangerous, unpredictable animal, but Jack went up close to the bull and with courage and skill pointed the rifle at the sweet spot of the head for the coup de grâce. Jack was about to pull the trigger when a deputy grabbed him from behind and spun him around. The deputy then pushed Jack Yantis, who began falling and tried to regain his footing. One deputy began shooting at Jack and then the other. They had AR-15’s among there arsenal. Jack’s wife, Donna, and a nephew were also at the scene and screamed at the deputies to stop. Shot in the chest and abdomen, Jack Yantis fell to the ground.


Longbow said...

He said it well.

Anonymous said...

They knew instantly they were wrong and hid the identities of the officers from view. They tried to sweep this under the rug.

Take a good look blacklivematter- it ain't about RACE!! Yeah, this is a EVERYONE problem, not a black thang!!

Rave baiters want to inject race in order to divide us so the real problem - gun control politics- isn't affected.
Folks need to open their eyes.

This man was murdered by pussy jackbooted thugs. Outright murdered.
The problem is qualified immunity, sovereign immunity and prosecutorial discretion.
I have argued that on these pages for years and years. When more take the time to learn what those things are, we can finally fight the real problems and maybe actually fix them.

It's not a race thing - it's a Constitution thing. It IS a equality thing but not among skin colors. The break, the gap, has more to do with cloths worn....and the TITLE OF NOBILITY claimed and played.

Anonymous said...

Gotta keep everybody from over reacting and lynching the deputies and then hunting down the sheriff for good measure.

SOOOOO, they will sit on the information, and/or CREATE information not yet factually based, (they need time to create the necessary 'facts' or the 'Ooops' defence) which absolves them of all responsibility and condemns the victim and his family for everything.

They already KNOW what happened. The investigation is already over. They just don't dare share it as is, with the world. Gotta get out of it somehow, and they know just how to do that.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Going to war is a night jump into combat. The men ahead of you jump and are gone, swallowed by darkness and lost among the intermittent lights below which tell of intense battle. You know nothing by which to judge whether to take that same leap into the abyss but whether their example is worth following.

Some of them, you know, are just hot-headed fools eager to experience the rush of combat and play the most dangerous game. There are always such.

But perhaps there are others you can't dismiss so easily.

Nemesis said...

Coroner's enquiry? Any charges pending against those two goons?

Unclezip said...

We've watched since day one; cover up in progress, with Idaho State Police supplying the blankets:

PO'd American said...

Does anyone have the names, addresses and phone numbers of these deputy dogs? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Two deputies that would never see the next sun rise if it were any member of my family.

Woodcanoe said...

A few more thugs to add to the LIST......for when the time comes!


Anonymous said...

Last week in NC we had 2 Sheriffs Deputies enter into a man's home without a warrant or consent who then killed him when he attempted to remove them from his house. He was unarmed, had he or someone else within that house be armed the story might have had a better ending.

Initial report:

The cover up begins: Let me tell you how you aren't going to draw a pistol and fire it while being tazed. It's odd that the only person who heard him consent to a search after refusing was the person who killed him while all of the other witnesses only heard him refuse to allow them to search his house without a warrant. Most of the rest of the cops' story doesn't match up with witness statements or observed evidence at the scene.

Unfortunately this case is already being memory holed by the media since the white male victim wasn't exploitable for political purposes. The problem with American police is nationwide, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns. Unfortunately it probably won't be solved through peaceful means despite how I dearly I and others wish it would.

Uncle Elmo said...

Reply to PO'd American- This quote is from a Washington Post article on Jack Yantis' killing.

“The Yantis family discussed disclosing the names of the deputies, but chose to show respect for the investigation and the investigative law enforcement officers,” Paul Winward, the family’s attorney, said in a statement to The Washington Post. “The family members trust that their act of respect will highlight the disregard and disrespect the two deputies showed toward them and toward Jack Yantis.”

Anonymous said...

When the time is right, their names, addresses, phone numbers, photos of them and their families, should be posted on billboards all around the state.
The deputies should be charged with murder, the sheriff should be charged with being an accomplice to murder.
Do they still execute murders in Idaho ? They used to shoot them.