Friday, November 20, 2015

"We will not forget those who solicited our deaths and the deaths of our families. We will not forget and history will not forgive."

"Tap dancing in a minefield blindfolded."
My reply to Bob Nicholson's latest.
Mr. Nicholson, As you have done me the courtesy of a reply to my email regarding your anti-NRA screed (something that rarely occurs with others of your collectivist proclivities), I thought it only fitting to return the favor by answering your ill-formed and ill-informed opinions and questions by giving you an honest glimpse into the world view of those of your fellow citizens whom you so evidently despise. I do so in the hope that such knowledge might help you avoid personal culpability for the civil war that you evidently seek.
You begin by asking sarcastically, "So how do you really feel about background checks?" The Founders would have thought the entire idea to be repugnant and unworthy of a government that claims to represent a free people. Requiring the people to obtain the prior permission of the government to exercise a God-given, inalienable and natural right as codified in the Constitution would be preposterous to the Founders. One might as well require prior government permission to exercise a First Amendment right.
If the law-abiding must seek government approval then such rights are not rights at all and are subject to federal ban at any whim of the bureaucracy. THAT is the central tyranny of your proposal. A related offense to liberty is this: that government control of the private sale of firearms is designed to develop lists, not of firearms but of firearm owners. And the only reason for that is to facilitate confiscation at some future date and time.
For bureaucrats can only send armed men to the doors of people who are on their list. Indeed, this is what happened to the Jews and other "political undesirables" in Nazi Germany. All arms having been previously registered by the nominally democratic regime of the Weimar Republic, the Nazis had no trouble disarming their opponents. Ironically, the same Weimar socialists who had registered everyone's weapons (including their own) then found themselves disarmed by means of the same lists they had created.
Understand, then, that we have no intention of traveling that road. We will fight and we will kill in righteous self defense anyone who tries to take our liberty, our property and our lives.
You may think us crazy for doing so, for even thinking that we have the right to shirk our "responsibility to society" (to use your words), but the fact of the matter is that we are here, we are not changing our minds, we are done backing up to every unconstitutional infringement the federal government has imposed upon us since the National Firearms Act of 1934 and we will shoot the armed thugs operating under color of law that your proposed policy sends to our doors to compel our obedience.
Accept that as the ironclad fact and promise that it is, deal with it and act accordingly. For we will not forget those who solicited our deaths and the deaths of our families. We will not forget and history will not forgive. (Cf. Nuremberg, 1945-46.)
As for your second paragraph sneering at the possibility of successfully fighting the federal government backed by the military, my first reaction was, "Just who does this jerk think the military is made up of?" The military, my apparently clueless friend, is made up of OUR sons and daughters (especially the tip-of-the-spear units) NOT those of our pretended "betters" who send theirs to hothouse-lily Ivy League schools where they chant "Black Lives Matter" while safely ensconced in their anti-free speech "comfort zones." OUR sons and daughters are the ones who have spent the last decade getting combat experience in foreign wars. OURS not theirs. And which way do you suppose our adult children will be pointing their government-provided ordnance when the orders (YOUR orders that YOU solicited) come down to disarm Grandpa Jack or kill Uncle Billy as "enemies of the people"?
My second reaction to that paragraph was disbelief that anyone could be so ignorant of military history as to make such a stupid statement. Rambo was certainly fiction, but in the extensive chronicles of guerrillas versus governments, the governments lose almost as often as the insurgents and when they do, they lose spectacularly. You may ask the ghost of His Majesty's General Thomas Gage how his gun raids worked out for King George the Third. Which leads me to my third comment to that appallingly ignorant paragraph. I wondered aloud, "This moke really doesn't understand that there are people who have been studying and preparing and training to do that very thing since the original sin of Waco in 1993."
For it is the same regime that committed the massacre at Waco that you evidently trust with the power to circumscribe our liberties, the power to seize our property, even at the cost of our lives. No one in the federal government was ever called to account for Waco, nor for any of the scandals to date in the Obama administration beginning with, but certainly not limited to, Fast and Furious. Well I've got news for you. As I told Eric Holder in a letter more than six years ago, there will be no more free Wacos. The next federal bloody misadventure of that sort will get us all a nice, ghastly civil war. And it will be a war that we have been considering how to win for the past twenty years.
I refer you to an essay I wrote regarding the application of 4th Generation warfare in the context of just such a civil war as you seek to provoke. You will find it here. I would draw your particular attention to Bill Clinton's Rules of Engagement:
The thing is, once started, the regime will find it almost impossible to stop on any terms besides their own unconditional surrender as they would be fighting an enraged but dispersed network insurgency. It is likely that after a few weeks of such blood-letting, the administration will be unable to find anybody left alive with sufficient influence among the insurgents with whom they can negotiate an end to the horror. The fact of the matter is that they would have done their best to kill the folks they would need to stop what they started. And they will want to stop it, oh, yes, out of concern for their own miserable hides if nothing else. For they will have provoked a conflict that will not be directed at the war-fighters, the grunts, even those in the outnumbered federal police, but rather at the war-makers, i.e. themselves.
In this they have only Bill Clinton to blame. When the Philanderer in Chief, frustrated with Serbian intransigence in 1999, changed the rules of engagement to include the political leadership, news media and the intellectual underpinning of his enemy's war effort, he accidentally filed suit under the Law of Unintended Consequences. The Serbians knuckled under, yes. But the rest of the world took note, including (the Three Percent). I assure you, the appeal to the higher court of history in that case has yet to be decided. . .
Johnston is as wrong as he can be when comparing past history to 4th Generation warfare, distributed networks and leaderless resistance, especially as will be practiced in the United States if it ever goes to war with itself. He is wrong, but the powerful men and women he is writing for think he's right. Unfortunately for them, in the situation the administration would find itself after Waco Two, the "decapitation" strategy would for them more resemble Russian Roulette played with an automatic pistol. . .
I have asked this question before. They will fight to the last ATF agent or to the last oath-breaking soldier. Will they fight to the first senior bureaucrat, the second Congressman, the third newspaper editor, the fourth Senator, the fifth White House aide? Can they stand Bill Clinton's rules of engagement?
What does this have to do with you? Well, remember what I said above, "We will not forget those who solicited our deaths and the deaths of our families. We will not forget and history will not forgive."
One of my readers had this reaction to your email bleating, Borg-like, that "resistance is futile, you will be assimilated":
"I find it baffling that Bob thinks we'd waste a single shot on people in the military. What a horrid waste of time and ammo, engaging those who didn't cause the problem. People like Bob, who sent them, however. . ."
He left the hypothetical results of your proposal for civil war hanging in the air. Ho Chi Minh once said, "Cherish your enemies, for they teach you the best lessons." You begin to see, perhaps, just how right the old collectivist butcher was, especially when by your advocacy of the precursors of tyranny, you invoke the Law of Unintended Consequences upon yourself. This is a mission I took upon myself many years ago: I am trying to save lives here, one unthinking collectivist tyrant wannabe at a time. I hope you can appreciate that.
For we represent two different world views, you and we. Boil it down and you believe that people should serve the government. If you didn't, you wouldn't trust a corrupt regime willing commit Waco massacres with one scintilla of essential liberty. We believe, like the Founders, that government should serve the people -- that it should be accountable to the people and restrained by the rule of law under the Constitution of the Founder's Republic. Each side believes fervently in these mutually exclusive propositions. It is collectivism versus individualism. Throughout history, such fundamental divides have most often been decided by sanguinary wars of unspeakable ferocity. If you believe otherwise, you are whistling past the graveyard of our own history.
My advice? Try to understand that you are tap dancing in a minefield blindfolded. You are unthinkingly toying with titanic forces you barely recognize. The NRA, as perhaps you can more readily understand now, is truly the least of your worries. Consider Ho Chi Minh's advice. Perhaps the best counsel that I can offer you is that provided by the Sheriff in Silverado, who when asked by a townsman what was happening, advised, "Hide and watch."
Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters


Anonymous said...

Well written my friend (hear my applause in the background)..But I seriously don't think that self-absorbed schmuck will get it. The ones like him remind me of an excerpt from the Hindu Upanishad "Katha" - "Living in the abyss of ignorance yet wise in their own conceit, deluded fools go round and round, the blind led by the blind"...

Sedition said...

Do you have his address?
I could send him some Vaseline for that raging case of chap-ass you just gave him.

WarriorClass III said...

The Bundy Ranch should have proven there would be no more free Wacos. There won't be. And the Feds know it. That's why they've been conducting drills such as Jade Helm. They're getting ready. Because that conflict between the two Americas you speak of - it's coming. And there's nothing we can do to stop it. So gird up your loins and be prepared to execute your plans, up-date your lists and know where your targets are at all times.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this SSI, helped me to start my day off right

Anonymous said...

These asshats just don't get it.

P.G.T. Beauregard said...

One of your finest essays, Mike.

Bravo, Sir.

Anonymous said...

One of our acquaintances is an uber wealthy female who spends her summers on Martha's Vineyard. When the conversation takes a turn she is uncomfortable with she has been known to stuff her fingers in her ears and exclaim, "Don't tell me anything bad!"

The terms Eloi and Morlock somehow come to mind.

Anonymous said...

That rube doesn't understand that the NRA is his bestest buddy. Many close their eyes to the reality that the NRA open position rival this guys foolishness. The NRA supports plain due process incorporation facilitating government control over enumerated rights, relegating them to allowances subject to permission. The NRA endlessly seeks to empower states with authority to compel those permission slips. The NRA is no worry to this fool, indeed it is his ally, his peer.

Aside from that issue, the underlying scenario that needs attention with him and those like him is this "if you aren't doing anything wrong than you have nothing to hide". I once believed that too. To an extent I still do BUT the truth is that even if you have absolutely nothing to "hide", it is a simple matter of right to go about your life absent prying eyes, outside the knowledge of those who have no authority over individual rights. If a person wants to gather ten thousand books, and have no one know they own even one, that is their right. It's not that they hide anything - they simply want to collect their books in private, left alone to enjoy their rights without interference. Who in their right mind, and on what premise, would claim a fella was somehow wrong to privately collect books??
Who is going to argue the "responsibility to society" drivel regarding book collections? Exactly. Nobody!

So that, then, brings us to the age old argument point that even SCOTUS has finally saw fit to admit is illegitimate. That "well, guns are different". I am convinced that man would make this claim straight away and with a straight face (because guns kill - ahem). The truth is, guns aren't different than books. We have the same right to collect books absent permission slips as we do to collect arms absent permission slips.

Conceding on guns means conceding on books. It means conceding on gathering together privately. Will this man claim we must beg for permission slips to have a private party on our own land? That we need permission slips filed with authorities to travel to a park to have a reunion? To get together to celebrate a birthday?

Sadly, people spout off these days on one subject or another without thinking things through. They do not consider their own positions across contexts. Now, I readily admit that there was a time I was guilty of that same offense. The difference? I left my childhood behind. I grew up. I left the petulant child, the selfish and the tunnel vision, behind.

Liberty itself is owning the decision. The base question here is who "or what" owns the right to arms? Who decides? Well, it is OBVIOUS that the people themselves do. The right enumerated plainly and unambiguously state it without question. To make it perfectly clear - this revelation shall not be infringed.
Pssssst big fella, that means we cannot be compelled to beg for permission from government. Bob is free to think HE is doing his "civic duty" all he likes. He is free to trade HIS right away for a thought of safety and propriety but what he needs to understand is that HIS right is not MY right. He doesn't get to decide for me.

Bob, big fella, far too many have given their lives for me to callously disregard what it is they fought for as you have done. Shame on you BOB.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Bob, if you didn't get the nuance, allow me to spell it out for you:

You and your ilk make "the list." If you get your wish (and Lord knows we do not want wish to go down this path), the only difference between a Tier 1 or Tier 3 target is time, opportunity, and resources applied to service the target.

Meister said...

I'm just about done talking to these people. After a rather personal attack by government agents, I'm doing my best stick to the catechism. These same people work directly for the government attempting to bankrupt you with frivolous attacks of character, attack your children, attack your homes with thousands of rules that were never voted on. They do their best to provoke us, knowing the result will be spun in their favor by the media.

Mike, you and I have spoken at length about how far they are willing to go to remove us from a legitimate path, but I had no idea of the depravity they are willing to ensconce themselves in. People that have sung my praises in public within my community were secretly attacking my character and plotting against me with government agents.

I'm to the point of voting for the opposition so we can make the necessary change happen by the only means that will allow the work of the founding fathers to be reborn. It's getting close gentleman, and I'm doing my best to remain vigilant to the cause. It's time to drop that excess weight and keep your maps up to date. It's going to be an ugly, horrid time in American history..... Again.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
"RIGHT ON!!!!," and 10-4!!!!!!
God, Guns and Guts Keep America FREE!!!!,

Anonymous said...

Mike this is what I love about you, articulate, no BS, well thought out replies to people who don't deserve the time of day.
But I wonder what effect obamas purge of the military will have on their deployment against we the people. Chaos within the ranks no doubt.

Horse-tied creek

Nemesis said...

If there is one thing that the Collectivist Left excel at, it is its complete denial of any mistakes made through their hive thinking that has left a trail a mile wide throughout history. This is of course a deliberate tactic to not recognize when a mistake has been made because recognition of mistakes made then allows for corrective behaviour. Therefore, the Collective Left will never learn from their mistakes as history, particularly that of the 20th Century, has proven.

When anyone chooses to de-individualize themselves to become a member of the Collective mentality then that person ceases to respond to those things that matter most to the stout hearted individual - personal liberty while abiding the law of the land but, without the constraint of over bearing government regulation.

Some commenters above have opined that people like Bob just don't get it. From my own experience of such people I believe Bob does get it, but its just that Bob chooses to ignore the obvious which is sought after personal responsibility of the individual over that of over-bearing government because he sees that requirement as a direct threat to his own Collective mentality - that is why people like Bob will always legislate where possible to remove the laws put in place that guarantee personal responsibility and the God given right to liberty.

A well put rebuff Mike. I sincerely hope you put the fear of God into him.

Anonymous said...

Very fine.

Anonymous said...

I like your letter, Mike, but it could do even between without the insults. Authoritarians are by definition being idiotic, but that fact can stand on its own. -- Lyle

David Codrea said...

To paraphrase Rhett Butler, he deserves to be insulted, often, and by someone who knows how.

KUETSA said...

Bravo, brother!

Anonymous said...

Well put and well deserved. He may not get it, but least now he KNOWS he doesn't get it.

Bad Cyborg said...

Sadly, I very much doubt it even ruffled his hair as it flew over his head.

Anonymous said...

No more Waco's?? Just look what happened at Bundy Ranch???.........Tell that to Jack Yantis and his family

Fight islam Now

Anonymous said...

I like your letter, Mike, but it could do even between without the insults. Authoritarians are by definition being idiotic, but that fact can stand on its own. -- Lyle

November 20, 2015 at 5:13 PM
Authoritarians rarely understand or pay attention to facts but a good, well timed and placed insult ALWAYS puts a knot in their asses and a well timed and placed .308 can always put a hole in their head if they still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Where I am, there are lots of ex-military, and all have guns, most have an arsenal.
The BLM, EPA, whomever will either need to back down, or limit their tyranny to the blue areas, lest there be civil war.
Oh, and Gun Owners of America is better than the NRA.
For more on 4th gen war, see
Most likely, in a conflict, there would be escalation, outrages, and other horrors that would push the ranks of the 3% to 20%. Think if your neice or grandchild were burned in a Waco style conflict, whom would you help if only for revenge.
(That is why our drone, bombing, abu-gharib-gitmo, torture policy is bad - it creates more terrorists with each outrageous act)

Mark Belk said...

The,truth is the PTB know better than the average citizen that what they have done to us is a capital crime against our people. People like Bob are just low level Jannisaries to the real puppet masters and will be cannon fodder once they push us to the point of revolution. My prayer is that the ultimate leader of the rebellion will be Jesus Christ as it was in our rebellion against King George and the rebellion against "king" Lincoln.

Unknown said...

As always Mike, you hit all the Buttons, However I feel Bob Will just dismiss This as Right wing Hate..these asshats will not take notice until the Lead starts Flying!!!

Anonymous said...

God bless you Mike.