Sunday, November 15, 2015

Meanwhile, in the graveyard of empires. . . "Dozens of Afghan Troops Surrender to Taliban in Helmand."

The Afghan soldiers handed over “5 APCs, 3 mortar tubes, 2 SPG9 artillery pieces, 18 US machine guns, 50 US rifles and a large amount of ammunition and other equipment,” the Taliban reported on its official website, Voice of Jihad.


Anonymous said...

Or, they can have a "Slightly Used" sale. "Never been fired and only dropped once" can be the sales pitch..

Anonymous said...

This is a direct result of Obama openly stating that we will take no more offensive military action against the Taliban (Obama's partners in peace).

There will be more of this as the Taliban now takes over Afghanistan, again.
This is why the enemy has to be destroyed. The enemy we face today cannot be reasoned with or deals made with them. Destruction is the only option. So is it our or theirs? That is the choice.