Sunday, November 15, 2015

Very rough day yesterday with one hilarious highlight. I meet the ideological grandson of one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

I ran into a self-declared "prepper" who, he was proud to say, is planting all his preps and believes in all sincerity that he will be able to trade for whatever else he needs after the Zombie Apocalypse. In fact, he reminded me of a distant memory of my past, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers' mantra:
What about food, water, firearms and ammunition I asked him? No, he didn't waste time and money on those, he confided to me conspiratorially, dope would get him all those things when he needed them. "Great plan," I laughed. "Great plan."


Anonymous said...

Wow. Never would have even dreamed of reading of the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" HERE. If you seek more of their "ideological grandsons," come up to Missoula Montana sometime.

Anonymous said...

While someone might be able to trade some weed for a meal or a drink here and there, relying on it as a savior is foolish for two main reasons. First, most "regular" customers aren't going to last long in such a circumstance and that means less "demand". Second, ripper factor only expands.

Smart money says grow and sell your commodity now and use the proceeds to prep coherently.

It may not be some zombie disease that brings this on but the underlying premise of it is upon us. The breakdown of civil society is happening in slow motion as we speak. Those not preparing will be caught with their pants down. Literally.

Anonymous said...

I first read the Freak Bros. when I was about 14 and had Abbie Hoffman's "Steal This Book". Guess that was 1971. My mom hated that book and it disappeared. She told me decades later she threw it out; after finding out somewhere that it was worth money as a collectible..

AmericanBTGoG said...

If memory serves (although admitting to reading Freak Brothers comix and claiming to have clear memories of that time seems contradictory), wasn't Fat Freddy's cat rather adept at one specific type of asymmetrical warfare? An exemplar for situational awareness -- always check your boots before putting them on.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes!. My ol' "buds". Phinneas, Fast Freddie and Freewheelin' Franklin!

They were actually ahead of their time. Consider the following:

"While you're out there smashing the state, don't forget to keep a smile on your lips and a song in your heart!"

Anonymous said...

I think I still have a copy of that (and other underground) in my comics and comix collection.
Yep. "Ass, gas, or grass. Nobody rides for free."

B Woodman

CowboyDan said...

Anon 1414, a friend of mine had an autographed copy of "Steal This Book."

If I remember right, Hoffman signed his name under the word "Fool!"

I respected his exit somewhat. He at least had the courage to end his own life. His cohort in founding the Yippies, Jerry Rubin, made a cab driver kill him by stepping into the street.

One of the prouder moments of my life was that I pied Jerry Rubin after a lecture in Carbondale, IL, in about 1979. Pistachio Mint Jello pudding in a homemade crust. Maybe I should bake a pie in remembrance.

GamegetterII said...

@ American BTGoG

"wasn't Fat Freddy's cat rather adept at one specific type of asymmetrical warfare? An exemplar for situational awareness -- always check your boots before putting them on."

Check your headphones-that was one of fat Freddie's cat's favorite spots to sabotage.