Friday, November 27, 2015

Staggering on. Sorry for the no posts, but I am in Ohio visiting my Mom . . .

. . . and am restricted to using a library computer. I'll try to have more tomorrow, after my return, but for now I'm coming off the chemo med for two weeks and it is kicking my butt both ways. Go figure. Good thing Rosey is driving.


Bad Cyborg said...

Be glad you have a mom to visit, Dutchman. Lost mine 11 years ago last September. Hope she's proud o' her boy. Ought to be.

As for the dearth of posts, we'll keep. I, for one am just glad you're still kicking. Hang in.

Unknown said...

Sir, please relax your spirit. Your body apparently needs either a rest, or family time. This IS the (IMHO) greater of the winter Holidays. Celebrating the abundance of FOOD at a time wherein you know it will not grow for 5 months or more is an ancient wisdom that we celebrate now for different reasons.

Your work is well know where it counts, take a chill pill and regenerate your batteries.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Ohio. Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

I'm an occasional reader of your blog. Just saw that you are on chemo....I use to treat cancer patients back in Wisconsin.
Are you drinking 2 quarts of fluids a day? Chemo meds have a nasty habit of "drying" out patients. You need to maintain your fluid levels. Tier one fluids: Water, popsickles, jellos, Ensure, etc. Tier two: Juices, any kind of juices, Tier three: gatorades, flavored water. Tier four, anything left that isn't caffeinated (or brewed or distilled); caffeine will actually pull the fluids out of ya and dehydrate you.
You also need extra protein. The chemo is destroying cells and you need extra protein to rebuild new cells. Ensure is a great way to get fluid and protein in ya.
And rest. You need plenty of rest to allow your body to rebuild those new cells.
Hope this helps.