Saturday, November 21, 2015

Opposing refugee rallies will take place at the Idaho Statehouse on Saturday.

When the group 3% of Idaho caught wind of it, they decided to rally too... in opposition. "That is mainly because we want to continue to build momentum on the fact that the current refugee program is a broken system," 3% of Idaho Public Information Officer Chris McIntire tells KTVB. The Three Percenters say they're not against humanitarian efforts and they're not against refugees. "If we were against refugees we would be attacking refugees that are already here - we haven't," McIntire adds.


Chiu ChunLing said...

A person seeking refuge from persecution or natural disaster is a refugee. A person seeking to integrate themselves into a nation and adopt its values as their own is an immigrant. A person entering a foreign nation for the purpose of conquest, subjugation of the existing population, and plunder of their wealth is an invader.

We need to start using (and explaining) correct terminology.

idahobob said...

Unfortunately, there are a considerable amount of commie leftists in the southern part of out state.

Hopefully the Gov here will stand fast against the onslaught of "refugees" the the Fed Gov is trying to infest our state with.

We should learn our lesson from what is happening in Europe.

'Nuff said.


Kenny said...

Chiu ChunLing: Absolutely. Right now the lines are blurred by Obama and cronies along with all of the lies we don't know what is real.