Thursday, November 19, 2015

David Codrea: "Look No Further than Your New Jersey Neighbor for Easy Guns!"

“Need a gun? Your Manasquan area neighbor could easily sell you a semi-automatic,” Tom Davis of The Patch advises New Jersey readers.


Anonymous said...

For a supposed "journalist" he can't even spell things correctly; another self-absorbed schmuck..But there's no shortage of them in NJ, is there? Just travel their roads and you will find thousands with an "it's all about me" attitude and an I.Q. below room temperature, as you get cut-off for leaving a one car length space between you and the auto in front of you, and having to guess which way someone wants to turn, as using turn signals is unheard of in the Garden State..

Anonymous said...

Somebody call the waaaambulance for the OP.

Did the drivers of NJ hit you? No? Then STFU. It's high past time Americans got over their testosterone-filled rage about other drivers. If they didn't hit you or cause an accident, count yourself lucky and move on.

Anonymous said...

Why not just drive an hour or two south to Virginia and buy anything you want and take it home.