Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hoplophobic tax feeders behaving badly in Texas, of all places.

Concealed Carry Holder Disarmed by Police with Guns Drawn


Longbow said...

Yeah, I posted one about that also. When I was a Kid growing up in Texas, I would ask why people don't carry their sidearms anymore. The answer I got was, "Because its Illegal!" Naturally, I would ask, WHy is it illegal and when did it become ilegal? The answer I got was "Blank stare. Blink twice........."

It goes back to reconstruction. If you want to walk up Congres Avenue in Austin, headed directly toward the State Capitol, with your M1A slung across your back, you can do that and won't break any law. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo's buly-boys will have their way with you, of course. Because, well... because they can. You have still broken no law. But God help you if you have a modern sidearm on you... or a dirk, dagger, sap, club, billy, or knuckles. The silly thing is, you may not carry a dirk, dagger, swordcade, etc... but carrying a cap and ball revolver in a holster is perfectly legal. Again, members of the Gang With Oficial Sanction will have their way with you over it. All that has to happen, is for one member to tell the next one, "I noticed that citizen carying a black powder revolver. That makes me feel bad.", and they will arrest you. They will arrest you for making them feel bad.

By the way, I first saw a switchblade knife when I was about 8 years old. An extended family member had one. Everyone was going, "Oooooo, Ahhhh..." over it. I asked what is the big deal? The response, "Those are illegal!" Innocently, I asked "Why are they illegal?" The response, "Only Meskins carry THOSE!" I knew I was supposed to say, "Oh... of course." But I was bewildered.

Anonymous said...

Longbow, you nailed it. It is all a big con. It began in earnest when SCOTUS over extended itself in making the foolish claim that the federal constitution didn't bind the only bound the federal government.

THat claim on its face is diametrically opposed to reality based fact because the POINT of the Constitution was to bind the states - together!

Basically, 9 robed unelected unaccountable kings issued a decree in stark opposition to actuality based truth. And they got away with it. They are getting away with it as we speak.

Bewildered? Absolutely. Pissed off? You Betcha. The answer? Teach people what actually happened so we can fix it.

Bad Cyborg said...

When open carry becomes legal her in TX come New Year's Day, there are a few cities where I still won't assay to carry. Houston is one of them, along with Austin and Dallas for sure. I will carry in San Antonio but I plan to hang my CHL on my belt on the opposite side from my sidearm. That or on a lanyard around my neck. No way I'm gonna give any "peace officer" a ready excuse to ventilate my hide by reaching for my wallet which I carry on the same side as where I will carry my weapon.

Anonymous said...

My CHL instructor told me it would be the cops ass if they did this, under Texas law. He was an academy instructor and retired chief.