Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More along the lines of "Firearms confiscation for thee but not for me."

"Lt. Gov. of California: ‘I want your guns but leave mine alone.’"


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time to put the spotlight on the people who provide armed security for gun grabbers and the contractors that employ them. Are they comfortable in the knowledge that they are taking our money to protect the very people who are dead set on taking away our right to self-defense? Are they comfortable in their hypocrisy?

Seems these are the very sorts of men who would fire upon unarmed citizens because they were "just following orders." It's just a job, right? You do what you have to do, right?

Maybe upon some reflection a number of these men will reconsider just how they re making a living.

Anonymous said...

Contractors?? WTF are you talking about? These politicians by and large (including the one in this article)have POLICE OFFICERS comprising their protective detail. Paid for by your taxes. Police officers who are not on the street or investigating crimes as they should be.

If this ***hole walked down the street, most people would have no idea who he was or even care. A legend in his own mind. A PSD (personal security detail) is a status symbol, not a realistic necessity. Of course if he gets his way, that may change..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Michael Bloomberg has a police detail? I don't think so. He has a private contractor providing his security detail. Who are these people and why do they take his money? Have they considered the hypocrisy of their employment? Perhaps they should.

Anonymous said...

He did when he was the mayor. He is now a private citizen. No longer a politician. The subject of the article is the Lt. Governor of Kommiefornia, a politician and he has a police EP detail. We were talking about politicians, not private citizens. While I take your point, they are really two different areas of discussion I think. The word "contractor" is inaccurate. The companies who provide domestic EP services are the same ones who have been doing it for yeays, while PMC's, aka "contractors" work OCONUS, once again on behalf the government, not private citizens.

Anonymous said...

In connection to Anon posters # 1 & 3, yes they are comfortable in their hypocrisy. Who says they are any less sociopathic than their Luciferian masters? The same type of individual who would feel comfortable wearing a mask and kicking in your door right after tossing a concussion grenade through your window into the baby's crib. An even greater hypocrisy would be if that type of person professes to believe and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and sits in church on Sundays with a clear conscience...Something that is settled in my head is this: they are just as much an objective in a 4GW scenario as their mafia Don ringleader. Anyone who'd sell out our freedoms for 30 pieces of silver has no more allegiance to the ideals of what America was supposed to be than a George Soros or Michael Bloomberg..

Anonymous said...

You seem to misunderstand 4GW, under this theory of operations the people who give them their marching orders are targeted, not them, except such as becomes necessary.

The idea is that once you kill the offending decision makers, their replacements will learn from that experience. As well, when you kill the comrades of those who carry weapons for a living, you have just created enemies who now have a personal stake in your early demise, as opposed to otherwise just carrying out their instructions.

All this is not to say their is no value in object examples being made, but they must be followed up with a public explanation coupled with a positive alternative for the others.

Chiu ChunLing said...

If we're serious about 4GW, we need to be willing to kill the foot-soldiers without hesitation whenever we encounter them during our operations on the (pretty well justified) presumption that they will try to screw up your operation using lethal force.

Yes, we target the leadership. We do not hunt the foot-soldiers down. But we do kill them when we find them in or near our way. Or else we give up any chance of successfully engaging the key targets.