Friday, November 13, 2015

‘Gunquislings’ Deserve Appropriate Response from Liberty Advocates

Gun owners deserve to know who is selling them out and who supports them, and to make their decisions on which companies and individuals to patronize accordingly. Why on earth would you do business with someone either staying out of the fray and/or actively undermining your rights, like the craven lairds in “Braveheart,” who let the commoners make all the sacrifices while they profited from abetting tyranny?


Scott Alfter said...

That's some disappointing news WRT Rocky Mountain Gun Shows, as that's where I've gotten most of my reloading supplies and ammo in recent years. Fortunately, there are two or three other gun-show operators in town who will get my future business (such as it is).

Anonymous said...

" All Nevada gun shops, ranges, trainers, FFLs and gun shows ought to be at the forefront of leading in the defense against Bloomberg, not helping him rack up a victory by steering low information voters his way. It makes it fair to wonder how much motivation is purely opportunistic."

Except that every FFL, every permit holder, every one of them is themselves helping government rack up victory after victory steering low information voters toward submission. They have won, the controllers have won, the instant the "good" gun folks bow to the position of begging for permission slips. FFLers bow to fedgov and carry permiters bow to stategov.

Lets stop denying it, lets stop excusing it, lets stop pretending that this section of people get a pass, while the "other" folks are tagged. Let's tell the truth.

Will that make some people mad? Yes. Should it? You bet. The question is, who should those upset by it be pissed off at. I tell ya what, they have only themselves to be torqued off at because they are the ones who bow to this malfeasance by their own choice. They do not get to deflect and deny their own responsibility for their own choice any more than the supposed target of this piece. Indeed, they are all in the same boat.

Let's keep it real shall we? FFLs are contributing to the legitimacy of background checks. They are facilitating them, participating in them and doing tyrants work FOR them. As a matter of fact, the FFLs are the very folks, one step removed, we often refer to as the ones who will go door to door to collect them. As they are the ones keeping the lists of who has which guns for government. Sorry, but here is the real deal -

If FFLs would stand together, put down the "license", reject its legitimacy as a premise, The gun "industry" would shut down inside two weeks. Lobbyists on capital hill would be burning up the lines of communication from factory to politician and this mindless idiocy called "licensing a right" would be over quickly. AT a time of record demand, record sales, to have gun owners stick together and ONLY "engage in commerce" outside government's prying eye, leaving all spied upon sales on the table unpurchased would produce the results some of us demand (while others just claim to demand it).

But they don't and their own GREED to get a piece of that money pie has them tossing government's salad after it poops all over our rights. And they are supposed to get a pass?

Not from me they don't. They shouldn't from Oathkeepers or any other person or organization who is straight legit about rights either.