Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Gun control devastates New Jersey."

New Jersey has some of the strictest and unconstitutional gun laws in the nation -- which leads to high crime by disarming people.


Anonymous said...

Violating people's rights is the highest crime of all.

Anonymous said...

According to the FBI New Jersey isn't even in the Top 10 highest crime states. 9 out of the 10 highest states have lax gun laws. Tennessee is the worst for violent crime.

Anonymous said...

Why don't cha come on down and try that in Texas! Our children are born holding a sidearm!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:55PM,
Stats, please? Or reliable impartial sources for your OPINION? "FBI" my left testicle.
If I'm wrong, I will apologize. Otherwise, you're just another shit stirring troll.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

3 words for NJ- Trenton, Newark, Camden. Take away the socialist welfare democrat run cities and recheck the figures. Goes for any state,...or district.

Anonymous said...

Forget just high crime. Let's look at top 12 Murder states:

California 1,745
Texas 1,133
New York 648
Michigan 625
Pennsylvania 594
Georgia 534
Louisiana 453
North Carolina 452
Ohio 434
Illinois 433
New Jersey 401
Maryland 379


I'd say 4 have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, 2 more are a bit less so, and the rest are average. Ooops! Looks like New Jersey made our list!

You can make statistics say nearly whatever you want.

Answer yes or no only. Have you stopped beating your wife?

Anonymous said...

Volokh already went through all this. There is no correlation between any gun law and crime either way.