Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Go for it, wicked witch. Criminal collectivist harridan doubles down on electoral poison.

In Iowa, Clinton says she wants to make guns a voting issue 'just like the other side does'
See also: "Uh Oh: Gun Control Push Splitting Democrats ... Again."
Democratic strategists based in Colorado, however, warn that presidential candidates would pay a price for such talk come general-election time. “I have a feeling that [Clinton] is wise enough from her Arkansas roots not to come to Denver, Colo., or Colorado Springs and decide what I’m going to do is a major speech on gun control,” said Rick Ridder, a Democratic consultant based in Denver. “She’s got enough political wisdom, and if not somebody will kick the tires off her campaign plane, make sure she doesn’t land here and give that speech. . .”
“I don’t feel like any Democrat needs to run on gun control as a primary concern. There are larger, more pressing issues at play. I don’t think it’s great ground for any Democratic candidate to be spending their time on,” said the strategist, who requested anonymity.


Anonymous said...

When is she going to visit Salem?

Surely they still have a ducking stool ... and a stake!

DAN III said...

I can think of two topics that need debate:

1. The upside-down trade deficits with:

a. Communist China
b. Japan
c. Mexico
c. India
d. South Korea

2. The foreign invasion by third world people....encouraged by the illegal barry soetoro-obama and aided/abetted by EVERY member of Congress.

Then get ready, as best as possible, for the ensuing Civil War III that is going to engulf fUSA. Witness the debacle unfolding in Germany.

TheBohunk said...

I suspect they figure they have the 2016 race in the bag. Otherwise they wouldnt be doing this.

Trouble is, they are probably right. The electoral college map does not lie.

Anonymous said...

1. Mandate universal background checks, ban semi-autos, make gun dealers responsible for what the retail buyers do with guns after the sale.

2. ?????

3. End "gun violence".

Madam Secretary, I still think step #2 needs a little work.

PO'd American said...

Has anyone tried throwing water on her?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mike: If she is nominated, she will win. This is modern Amerika. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Any smart republican will press gun rights hard in both the primary and the general. For a long time democrats have gotten to talk guns in the primary and then avoid the subject entirely in the general.

This election will turn on gun rights and illegal immigration. No doubt about it.

Chiu ChunLing said...

The election will turn on vote fraud, just like the last two.

And while many Democrats believe they fraud still has to look remotely plausible, 2012 proved beyond any doubt that it simply does not matter how egregious and obvious it is.

If they even bother to pretend to have a general election. I wouldn't bet on that, given the way things are heading.

Anonymous said...

Well hell stop telling her! If the Itch is that stupid let her put the figurative noose around her own neck.

Perhaps we should write letters, appearing to her mindless thralls, and encourage her to go for it..... Hell they want to use Psy Ops on us we may as well use their own weapon against them. After all David used Goliath's own sword to remove his head :)