Friday, November 20, 2015

Beretta shows off new battle rifle

Developed to meet the Italian Army’s requirements, the ARX 200 is a new combat rifle in 7.62 mm x 51 NATO calibre. The Italian Army uses the ARX-160A3 5.56x45 mm rifle. The new rifle has similar look to the ARX-160 5.56 mm assault rifle and is designed to be familiar to a user of either. Gas-piston operated with locked breech and rotating bolt, the rifle also features an ambidextrous magazine release button, catch lever and fire selector. The fire selector has three positions: safe, single shot and automatic. The ARX-200 weighs just shy of 10 pounds at about 9.92 pounds without a magazine. Weight is reduced through a single aluminum piece design for the forehand and upper rail. This is one accurate rifle. The ARX achieved a1.5 MOA accuracy at 100 meters using match-grade ammunition – an accuracy pretty much in line with designated marksman rifles. A designated marksman rifle variant is underway by Beretta.


Rivenshield said...

Bah. A scoped AR-15 with a free float barrel is an MOA rifle for two pounds less, and very probably less than half the price.

B-4 said...

Color me unimpressed, a new tool that fills no gaps. Interestingly the tools get better but, the will to use them seems to wain more each week.


Bad Cyborg said...

Big deal. My big, ugly (some say. I happen to think she's beautiful) FNAR is ONE MOA accurate, cost less and throws 7.62X51/.308 Win. Who needs the Beretta? Although, it IS kinda sexy.