Friday, November 13, 2015

Armed wolves, disarmed sheep, no borders. What about this bloodbath was NOT predictable?

The abattoir perpetrated by the Muslim death cult in Paris hit home particularly hard for Zoe, who minored in French at Southern Miss and made many friends from that country while at college. At the moment all are accounted for save one, and it was not thought that he was in Paris last night. The combination of moral and physical disarmament in the face of the existential threat posed by the new Jihad made these events perfectly predictable. But before we get too arrogant, we must realize that we have the same sort of thing happening in this country: open borders, death zones, political correctness preventing many from seeing the real threat posed by the death cultists. It is be only a matter of time before this plays out in a major American city. May God comfort the French and may He wake up those of us who still embrace western civilization. We are all teetering on the edge of sustained horror.


Uncle Elmo said...

You nailed it, Mike. As I watched the reports of this with my wife I was saying almost the exact same thing that you've written here. The anchors are talking like this was a surprise, and I'm thinking 'If they're surprised at this, they're going to faint dead away when it happens here'. What a bunch of clueless twits.

Meanwhile, Dear Leader gets on TV and tells us ISIS is contained. He thinks we're all clueless twits, too.

Anonymous said...

It's just workplace violence. Nothing to see here.

I wonder how Jenner's boob job went?

What's on ESPN?

oughtsix said...

Islam delenda est.

Sic semper tyrannis.

Those two will go a long long way........

KUETSA said...

Any and every politician fool enough, naive enough, or deceitful to advance a treacherous agenda, speaking of inclusion and multiculturalism, intending to to bring masses of a people who are at war with us, to our country, risking any amount of terrorist infiltrators among the masses, irresponsibly risking American safety, is as much a threat to American's as the terrorists themselves, must be treated accordingly, and must be tried for treason.

Being that politicians speak of the need to be invasive on our rights to privacy to fight the terrorist threat, the need to further arm forces such as The Department of Homeland Security to better respond to the terrorist threat, demonstrating their recognition of the severity of the terrorist threat, and the fact that in Europe where firearms are heavily restricted to citizens yet terrorists manage to be armed with fully-automatic military weapons, and an unarmed citizenry has no option but to be terrorized waiting for government forces to respond, always not in time to prevent horrific death to citizens, and that an armed citizenry can not be terrorized having the ability to fight to save themselves and other citizens there at the time of attack, and that ability of self defense is the exact intent of the Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to keep AND BEAR arms, any politician not recognizing that security is the ability to respond to a threat immediately as opposed to waiting being terrorized helpless for rescue that does not come in time to prevent death, any and every politician restricting our firearms rights to EFFECTIVE arms including magazines capable of law enforcement duty, to secure our own safety, is as much a threat to American's as the terrorists themselves, must be treated accordingly, and must be tried for treason.

Anonymous said...

1-The Democrats will put this on the American Gun Owner...
Stand by...3...2...1
2-The Result of this attack...more embrace of the Death Cult by the left and progressives and more restrictions on Freedom and Liberty.
3-Again...another Defacto Win for the Muslim Death Cult!

Prepare and Train. The True Anarchy is just beginning

Anonymous said...

I know you dont care for links...
But this is a perfect example of the Defacto Win and Embrace of the Death Cult IMHO.

Woodcanoe said...

The "elitist class" in France encouraged many third world immigrants to come to France. They were desired as they were cheap household labor in their fancy homes. These nice folks stuck to themselves in ghetto areas of the large urban areas and multiplied like rabbits as they usually do. Now we have several generations who do not work, are taken care of by government and spend much of their "leisure time" fomenting and planning this sort of attack on the "infidels" who are anybody/everybody but themselves.

Here in the USA our elites have encouraged/allowed the same exact thing. As Mike has pointed out can we be far behind?

I like what Trump said a few day back. "Without borders we no longer have a country"!

I cannot feel sorry for France. Millions of American boys went over there to take their nation back from Germany, twice in the last century. The fields of Normandy are full of white crosses over the bodies of the tens of thousands of dead Americans who gave their lives for France.

Yet they thumb their arrogant noses at us every chance they get. You reap what you sow, and we shall find that out the same way as our cities are going to burn shortly!


WarriorClass III said...

Diversity + Proximity = War

Works every time it's tried.

Anonymous said...

"He thinks we're all clueless twits, too."

Unfortunately, the majority of us who bother to vote have proven him right.... TWICE!

Anonymous said...

Leaving the occupant of The White Hut alone for the moment, I have a question for the other half of our one party state.

Was this another "act of love", Jeb?

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought.

There are something like half a million Islamic refugees newly arrived in Europe as a result of the most recent wave. There's an untold number more in the pipeline behind them.

Does anyone for a minute imagine there were only 8 jihadist embedded among them?

We're told our FBI can't keep track of the 11 million illegals within our borders. Does anyone think European law enforcement will do any better?

Does anyone think that last night's attack in Paris is the end of the story?

Uncle Elmo said...

Regarding Anonymous' 12:14 am post- "The Democrats will put this on the American Gun Owner... Stand by...3...2...1"

BLAST OFF!!! Before 6 this morning, Breibart had this story-

Why CNN Is Dying: Paris Bloodbath Used to Push Gun Control

Otto Didact said...

I guess I might get to use some of those 150gr FMJBTs that I dipped in lard after all.

Anonymous said...

We can not negotiate with them, We can not appease them!

Total, complete and utter destruction is the only way to stop this carnage!

They are coming to a soft target near you!

Unknown said...

Totting guns, as in the US of A, would not have stopped this atrocity, only foresight, courage and honesty .. consider the brave actions of four young Americans on the Paris Underground a few months back. As for 'borders' well, the States has borders, but not safety .. and rarely any foresight, courage or honesty (in the State's dealing with its citizens or subjects) - a European Union then, but with the pretence of being a single-state (made of multiple States), and with the reality of a Federal government that really does spy (intrusively) on its own .. in the name of illusive security (from wild-eyed determination). Apart from the civic virtues so patently absent in so many of Western democratic regimes - foresight, courage and honesty - what hampers our security agencies, elected governments, and monarchical or parliamentary rulers is their adoration of media-fired hypocrisy (and the absolute need to pander to its 24/7 chameleon-like rapidity of changed mind-sets and moralising outrage) .. let the military forces be armed as is right and proper, and the real meaning of American's notion of a right to bear arms (in a state approved militia), but don't allow the media etc to mealy-mouth when the military has to use armed force yet hold those who wield guns to account for that just use (that is the Catholic Way, of moral reason and the justifiable use of force aka The Sword).


Informed42 said...

The terrorist attacks in Paris tonight, and those perpetrated in other countries in recent times, need to be responded to in kind.
It’s way past time for other countries and their citizens to send all the Muslims a loud and clear message, and do it in a united
and consistent manner. The authorities and military in every country that has suffered terrorist attacks on its citizens should
become ‘proactive’ instead of just continuing to be ‘reactive’. I’m quite certain that they all have people capable of executing
extreme actions without any hesitation.

Since all of the Muslims have attacked innocent citizens at random, and slaughtered them without any hesitation, the authorities
in every country that has tolerated these actions and has ‘No Go’ areas that are Muslim enclaves, need to target those areas in
particular for starters. They need to go into those areas and kill the first Muslims they encounter without any regard to gender
or status. If 60 or 100 people have been murdered in Paris this time, the first 60 or 100 Muslims encountered should be killed.
And if the rest of the Muslims in the enclave rise up and riot or revolt, that should be met with overwhelming force too.

ISIS should be surrounded by troops and firepower from every nation they have attacked, and eliminated to the last man or woman.
Annihilated completely.

Unfortunately, our government and those of other countries, are gutless to execute such measures, so they will continue to let their
citizens be victims !!

‘To deal with terrorists, you have to be as ruthless as they are and think like them.’ Our government leaders like Zero, Biden, Kerry
and the rest, are gutless when it comes too doing anything more than talking.

Zero, did make the most intelligent statement he has to date last night !! He said,
he wasn't calling President Hollande right away as he was probably very busy !!

Anonymous said...

A couple of the previous commenters alluded to such acts 'coming here' - sorry guys, but that has ALREADY happened, and it WILL happen again, it is just a matter of when, where and how often.

Anonymous said...

CNN Uses Paris Bloodbath to Push Gun Control

Anonymous said...

I like what Trump said about a country requiring borders defended as well but I also remind people that Trump also has a muslim problem. Do not forget that he blamed Pam Geller for the attempted terrorist attack in Texas, as if exercise of First Amendment rights must be curtailed in order to placate these evil zealots operating under this thing called Islam.

Don't get me wrong, Trump has done good things for this country, especially to the tune of smashing the illegal alien media lying about it scam wide open. He has already contributed to making america great again, but it is a fool errand to deify him and ignore serious mistakes he makes. Reality is, that is what folks did with Obama. Insanity it is to do it again. Still.

The right thing to do is call him on the carpet about Islam as he did to media regarding our border. Make him own that as he made the washington media cabal own that topic. It is kind of a softball pitch to him that he could knock out of the park with a serious apology to Pam - admitting he was wrong to slam her, learning that it was the muslims at fault all along.

I have said all along that Trump was weak in this area and it revolves around his business dealings with muslims. Nobody wants to address it head on. Trump supporters try to look past it. Yeah, that work out well, huh? No more. Trump should have to face this and face it now - so it cannot be used next October as a surprise.

Rivenshield said...

I find myself increasingly relieved that I live nowhere near a large coastal city.

What bothers me is that I find it increasingly difficult to give a damn what happens in them, or to them. Because a clear majority of the blue-state suburbanites that inhabit them have been carefully taught to despise everything I hold dear, and the survivors will gladly dip their hands in the blood of their own dead and smear me with it. Foreign killers, whether members of cartels or death cults, are not the enemy. Apparently I am.

I feel as though I have been left on the edge of a moral, social, and cultural No Man's Land with no coffee and no relief. I really am not certain how long I can keep this up.

Mark Pugner said...

#FalseFlag Where are the videos of people being murdered? Was no one recording during the Bataclan concert?

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat Ons....

Can "foresight, courage and honesty" stop bullets? Can any of these defend me against hostile, in-the-right-now, attack by armed assailants?

Then STFU while those of us with the ability and knowledge to defend ourselves do so.

See, we don't need your permission to bear arms; nor do we need your approval or definitions of what the 2A means to you. A free man will decide for himself IN SPITE of what anyone else believes or what any law or man says.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Ultimately, the penchant for grand sweeping solutions using the entire apparatus of "society" to eliminate problems so that nobody has to take care of their own situation is exactly how we've gotten to this point.

Let every adult be independently responsible for themselves, and voluntarily exchange with other free and independent responsible adults to better serve their own needs. Whether in production of th means of life or protection of life and means together, let each look to his own and none be allowed to depend on "society" without the freely given consent of each and every person who contributes to such support. I have nothing against the giving of alms, I believe it is good for those who have an abundance of material wealth to voluntarily exchange it for anything they wish, including a good reputation, whether with men or God.

Nor have I any complaint against those who serve as protectors of others, if that service is voluntarily given and accepted. But if someone presumes to "protect" me from what I do not wish to be protected against, and especially if they propose to cage or kill me for not accepting and paying for such protection, then I will not decline to protect myself from them.

By any means necessary.

As I do not have a mind-control device, when reason fails to persuade then I must resort to force. Though I suppose in the purest technical sense a mind-control device would be force, so forget I mentioned it. !~!~!~!~FORGET~!~!~!~! Hmmm...I guess I really don't have a mind-control device after all. Dang.