Monday, January 19, 2015

Oklahoma Police Chief Shot During An Apparent SWATting Raid; Homeowner Won’t Be Charged

All three law enforcement officers and the entire Horton family were placed in extreme danger by the apparent SWATter… which was the point of the SWATting call. I sincerely hope that authorities are able to trace this false bomb threat back to the source, and then arrest the caller for multiple counts of attempted murder, one for every law enforcement officer and Horton family member. Until SWATters start going to prison, this sort of thing is going to continue to happen.


AJ said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There is absolutely no, nada, zero justification for no-knock raids on a residence. I would find a whole lot more respect for cops if they would flatly refuse to participate in these Einsatzgruppen tactics.

Meister said...

The civility of Americans has been lost. When I was younger, the police would call your house and tell you that you need to turn yourself in by a certain time, or they would go looking for you. If they had to go looking, they WILL hurt you. No knock warrants have no place in modern police practice. No matter why or for what reason, it risks too many lives on both sides.

The rounds I keep in my home protection rifles WILL swiss cheese ceramic plates and buicks. I hope I never have to face that test, but I am prepared.

THEBigFatPanda said...

Seems to me that if common sense were tried, these idiots would think about the fact there's many more damn guns in American homes than there are LEO's.
So maybe, juuuuust maybe it might behoove someone to THINK for five minutes about the possible consequences of a swat raid going bad? And instead of applying more force, MAYBE they could try a little old fashioned conversation????
What's that old saying about honey vs vinegar?

Btw, mike, nice new bot catcher you have set up. Much more user friendly.

Phelps said...

This one will go away quietly because the sheriff cowboyed this whole thing and wants it go away? He BORROWED a vest and then insisted on going in first, getting shot in the process?

He desperately wants this to go away without any more questions being asked.

Anonymous said...

Head shots are highly recommended. A vest doesn't cover the head.

Anonymous said...

The government is fully behind and supportive of "Swatting" and probably started the concept of "Swatting" and wants to Encourage even more Swatting. Hence the person who called the fake "Bomb Threat in,will not be prosecuted.

I have not Ever heard of a "Swatter" being prosecuted...Even when it has resulted in the Death of someone!

RIck said...

This whole article does not make any sense. One armed homeowner was able to hold off three armed police officers that kicked in his door and surprised him? Pure fantasy. Believe something like that and you might believe that someone with a concealed carry permit could make a difference in a terrorist attack. Fantasy. Nothing but fantasy.


Paul X said...

AJ is right. No justification for SWAT at all, and I am surprised at how many have no problems with it.

Anon @6:39 is also right. Head shots are the way to go.