Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kissy, kissy. Collectivist rag that endorsed I-594 lauds Gottlieb for denouncing anti-594 "extremists." (And Gottlieb's proud of it.)

Gottlieb and Workman, cheek to cheek and playing kissy, kissy with collectivist propaganda outlets.
Well, it looks like, a. Dr. Gottlieb and his trusty lab assistant Igor Workman are determined to prove every one of my criticisms; and, b., that they are so desperate for positive publicity that they have no problem unselfconsciously trumpeting the praises of a collectivist rag like the Vancouver Columbian -- "Earth shaking: Newspaper editorial lauds gun rights leader." Mind you, this is a paper that ENDORSED I-594!


Unknown said...

My reply in Workman's hit piece waiting for his approval to publish.

Oh look, Workman, Gotlieb et al have something in common with the progressive left. Yeah we already knew that. I warned them at the onset of I-591 that those attempts would create the divide amongst gun owners and their narcissistic reply, "It's my right to do so." So no, the compromising "pro gun" groups cannot blame others for division. There are no fence sitters. Those that do not support the 2nd A just never will. But now the grabbers and SAF have a common enemy and both use the collectivist's "extremist's" language. Now isn't that interesting? Huh. Brandishing...same same. Guess those old boy on Lexington Green and on Punkatasset Hill on April 19, 1775 were brandishing. You folks have lost so much, and are clamoring to lose more. Sad.

PO'd American said...

Dr. Evil and MiniMe...oh wait, he's not so mini, but he is evil.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are out of state that didn't get to read I591 which Gottlieb and his lap dog Workman were promoting in Washington State in their attempt in reality to pass I594, I591 allowed for background checks but by giving up our states rights to the feds.

Gottlieb and his lackey Workman and now Bob Owens (who I once admired, he does have a right to his opinion but if he is for taking my rights away we are now not on the same side) are all for universal backgrounds checks on the federal level.

So my question to any and all of them, do we have a natural right to defend ourselves and is that right protected by the 2nd amendment?

If their answer is yes, then my next question would be; why should we the law abiding have to bow down to government for a background check to maintain that right?

Death before slavery!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

People need to wake up;

Bloomberg calls us extremist/Gottlieb calls us extremist!

Bloomberg wants background checks/Gottlieb wants background checks!

Bloomberg spends millions/Gottlieb takes in millions!

Does anyone else see a pattern here besides me?

Anonymous said...

They kinda look like Sponge Bob and Patrick Star to me!

Anonymous said...

Wondered where Workman's bow tie was ... till I looked up and saw the NRA hat ... nuff said.