Friday, January 23, 2015

Keystone "coppos." A critique from an anonymous historical illiterate.

From a comment on the post below:
After reading your blog for years and hearing you speak. It is impossible to take your warnings seriously as your only goal seems to be getting your face into the public eye. If anyone actually moved to violently oppose this treason you would be the first to betray and denounce them. You are what they called in the camps a COPPO. I have come to believe that in many ways you are more dangerous to Liberty than Bloomberg, as he at least is truthful in his loyalty to tyranny. You on the other hand , have consistently worked to support and defend the state for as long as I can discover your history. You have done more over the last 40+ years to undermine the freedom and liberty of the American people, the militia and the III% than any man since B. Arnold. Soon you will die, and may G_D have mercy on you, as history will not.
Well, I suppose that depends upon who writes the history. And by the way, my brave historical illiterate, the word is "kapo" not "coppo." It is useful to be able to correctly spell things when you're trying to get someone to take you seriously. My suggestion to you is that if reading my blog is such a waste, then don't do it. You'll feel better about yourself, perhaps enough so that one day you'll be able to use your real name without embarrassment. As for God's judgment, I will accept it without complaint.


PO'd American said...

I think we can narrow this down....Anonymous is not Italian.

Anonymous said...


It would be interesting to see the metrics associated with the anonymous comments. You know for a fact that nothing done on the Internet is truly "anonymous". I would venture to say that the "COPPOS" error is an intentional misdirection, too obvious to be anything but. It would be analogous to a commenter typing "HOLICOST". I know there are stupid people, but, unless you corrected anon's other spelling, there weren't any other mistakes. The poster also uses the g underscore d which is a practice of Jewish law. My guess is that this "anonymous" is someone whom you know or have communicated with in the past.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you'll getting under Gottlieb & Workman's & their minions skins a little!

Keep it up, the more you stick a pig the more they're gonna squeal!

Anonymous said...

I always take with a grain of salt any post by this guy who calls himself "Anonymous". This guy often posts more than one post in a given thread. I would support banning him or at least limiting him to one post per thread.
Seriously, folks, would it KILL you to post your thoughts with SOME unique identifing mark ? Of course, those who spew hate at the owners and loyal readers of this blog are too cowardly to put their identity on their posts.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like one of Carrot top's minions.

Anonymous said...

At least Carrot Top has a point...

TRex said...

The one thing that I think would be good coming out of all this is maybe you could have an index of links to some of your other really important posts to add to your Catechism.

Other than that, you pretty much explained what your anonymous detractor missed, had he only read your Catechism and understood the history surrounding it.

One element, for instance:
"Don't fire unless fired upon." -- Captain John Parker, Lexington Minutemen, 19 April 1775.
if your anonymous detractor knew the history of that remark, it was soon followed by an exchange of gunfire "heard around the world"

Maybe that was on the minds of the BLM enforcers out in Nevada last year. Or maybe they had read the first chapter of "Absolved."

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Mike has been consistent in saying that the other side needs to fire the first shots. I do wonder which police shooting will constitute the "first shot" event? Perhaps some clarification on that would be nice. It most likely will be a SWAT raid on a weapons charge in a restrictive state , and the gun owner will be described as a " violent extremist" by the media.

TRex said...

If you have followed him, and understand the opening chapter of Absolved, you will realize "shots" means several of us will have to perish first. We must maintain the moral high ground, and that will be at a cost.

I have been trying to create an index of some of his most important articles (without much success), but one I remember basically said when the most visible 2nd Amendment supporters get rounded up, wholesale, then it will be time to start shooting all of the politicians, but not before.

If this is too hard for some, well then, so be it. Find something else to do.