Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gottlieb is always ready to compromise away your rights as long as it seems "reasonable" -- this time on "smart guns."

The Smart-Gun Debate Comes to Washington State
The poll, jointly commissioned by Washington CeaseFire and the San Francisco-based Smart Tech Challenges Foundation, found that 40 percent of interviewed gun owners said they would consider exchanging their conventional guns for smart guns. Heck, even Second Amendment Foundation’s Gottlieb says he theoretically likes the idea. “If someone could come up with a smart gun that was reliable and workable, I would buy it tomorrow.”


Anonymous said...

It is our own dang fools who will enslave us - not our evil enemies!

Needs must we deal just as brutally with BOTH groups to remain with any semblance of liberty.


Oregon Hobo said...

Hold on now, I'm no fan of Gottlieb's antics with regard to universal registration, but I don't need to make up reasons to dislike him. All he said in that article (aside from appropriately describing the technical problems) was that he'd buy a smart gun if it was reliable and workable. I'd consider it too if I had the cash to spare, though I think it'll be at least another 50~100 years before the technology is as stone-cold reliable as one would demand of a defensive firearm.

That's entirely different from supporting the asinine mandates in places like New Jersey, and there was absolutely nothing in this article to indicate any support from Gottlieb for such legislation.

Now I need to go get some caffeine so I can forgive you for making me defend Alan Gottlieb this early in the morning.


Anonymous said...

What everyone needs; a gun that the tyrants can turn off when they want or need to!

The judenrate Gottlieb might even be a stockholder in the company promoting this for all I know. Here's something else he and Bloomberg agree on.

Bloomberg and Gottlieb's list of gun issues of which they agree about seems to be only growing, don't ya know!

Unknown said...

If they are available on the open market along side conventional firearms, thats awesome, let the market sort it out, let the company sink or swim based on their products.

I, for one, will not own one, nor will I allow my conventional firearms to be removed / replaced.

ExGeeEye said...

This old codger (dangit I'm only 50) would really like some new, non-electronified 1960's technology cars to come back on the market.

Smart GUNS? Stuff em in your catalytic converter.

Anonymous said...

The "smart guns" will work about as well as smartphones (sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

A guy us about to rape your daughter in front of your eyes and your pistol tells you "try again later"....

Yeah, that's the ticket. Uh huh. Sheesh.
As far as GotLies is concerned one need only consider this a squared plus b squared equals c squared. Gotlies thinks background checks are a good idea and he has no problem, AS A RESULT, seeing HIS thoughts and position foisted upon the rest of us. The question to ask and see answered is simple - what to believe.... Our lying eyes or Gotlies own demonstrated position?

PO'd American said...

I sure the electronics will be run by software that can be shut down by the government at their leisure. I think I'll pass on this technology said everyone.