Monday, January 26, 2015

Global warming strikes again.

Cuomo warns streets, public transit could be closed Monday as potentially historic blizzard threatens to pummel New York


Anonymous said...

When I was a kid in Brooklyn in the '60's i remember blizzards happening down there a few times. Now, it's like the whole population has become retarded and need attention constantly to get through a snowstorm. Watch the stores sell out of bread, milk and eggs. All the things that spoil in the fridge if the power goes out! People now have to be told by the TV how to drive and use the brakes in snow, something we learned back then from common sense...And these same people start to believe warming temperatures bring colder temperatures. I'm starting to think they like being conned. Childlike fools who never owned long britches..I live about 70 miles north of mid-town Manhattan and I see a snowstorm as an opportunity to practice walking in the woods with my snowshoes..

Anonymous said...

Just because there is a snowstorm doesn't mean global warming isn't real.

On average, the temps are higher than the 100 year averages. This is more pronounced in some seasons and in some regions. And it is on on upward trend.
Of course the temp. still dips. But more days are up then down. Just look at current's graphs (by month) for Fargo ND or Los Angeles or Miami.
Politically, you can argue we should ignore this. But that is unwise. The data is clear.

Anonymous said...

"The data is clear"
The data was clear in the dark ages as well- the sun and stars revolved around the earth.
I wish that global warming would hurry up, I'm tired of all this cold.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous! Cuomo, along with Malloy and Hickenlooper, must act now to immediately ban assault blizzards! Absolutely no snow over 10" (7" in NY) to be allowed under any circumstances!

That's about as enforceable as all their other laws.


Anonymous said...

Maybe when heating fuels can't be had at any price, the northeast liberals will repeal their anti-fracking laws...

Paul X said...

"The data is clear."

And manufactured...

It's true enough that you can't look at anecdotal evidence. But on the other hand, you can't ignore evidence that is damaging to your case, such as the economic incentives that scientists face to come out with the "right" answers, or the falsifications of data that were discovered in the work of the main proponents.

Want to be taken seriously? Then your science must be more respectable than Ceasar's wife, and that does not describe the global warming gang.

Anonymous said...

Global warming sure is flexible. It causes both heat and cold, both storms and the lack of storms. Perhaps we should be calling it "weather."

Anonymous said...

Climate Change! Climate Change!

Get with the program - either cooling or heating can then be used for political advantage.

Just show ponies using any data they can manufacture to grasp for political power and control.

The answer is: "less People"

"Less Red Necks"

"Less Opponents"

Get with the progrom!


Anonymous said...

So, now it's Tues. 1/27 @ 5 am here in northern Orange Co. NY and as far as storms go in this region this one is a dud. Here we had a whopping 3 inches. Down in NYC it looks like somewhere around 8 inches and they closed all travel in and out of the city down. I've seen NYC operational with more snow than that in years past, so why all the panic now? It's extremely rare for the tunnels and bridges in and out of the city to be shut down. That happened one other time that I can remember; on 9/11. I hate to sound like some wacko conspiracy theorist, but this looks like an exercise in how to keep NY "sheltered in place". Folks in places like Alaska, Minnesota or the Rockies must be laughing at us right now. There ain't even enough snow out there for that snowshoeing I wanted to do. What a jip..