Friday, January 23, 2015

American history redux: Keep it up and someday, when raid parties show up at people's doors, someone -- likely a great many someones -- are going to get shot.

Making a list and checking it twice.
Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Wants to Confiscate All Guns With Detachable Magazines.
"The governor's advisers say it's not their job to worry about the Constitution."
. . . The commission's chairman, Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson, is undaunted by such details. "We're not writing proposed legislation," Jackson told Reuters. "We're writing end results." This is the sort of magical thinking that makes it hard to take gun controllers seriously.
No, to not take them seriously would be a very great mistake. They ARE serious. And they expect that someone else will pay the butcher's bill when their proposals get turned into bloody state repression. The thing is, if the "authorities" are too frightened to enforce the unconstitutional laws they already passed, what makes these collectivist mokes think that more draconian measures will be enforced?


Galaxie_Man said...

Sorry, I am going to call it as I see it:

Every single member of that commission IS A TRAITOR, and should be (eventually will be) dealt with as such.

I keep a copy of the list of commission members, as well as the list of legislators that voted in favor of that unconstitutional crap they passed. You never know when such a list may come in handy.

Joe said...

Santa has a lot more than just
"a list".

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog for years and hearing you speak. It is impossible to take your warnings seriously as your only goal seems to be getting your face into the public eye. If anyone actually moved to violently oppose this treason you would be the first to betray and denounce them. You are what they called in the camps a COPPO. I have come to believe that in many ways you are more dangerous to Liberty than Bloomberg, as he at least is truthful in his loyalty to tyranny. You on the other hand , have consistently worked to support and defend the state for as long as I can discover your history. You have done more over the last 40+ years to undermine the freedom and liberty of the American people, the militia and the III% than any man since B. Arnold. Soon you will die, and may G_D have mercy on you, as history will not.

Anonymous said...

"This is the sort of magical thinking that makes it hard to take gun controllers seriously."

I disagree. It is PRECISELY this sort of thinking that makes the barstids SO VERY DANGEROUS! They could not possibly care LESS about either the Constitution or individual liberty. They want what they want and the rest of us BE DAMNED!

Sean said...

Gee, Anon 7:36, whydontcha tell us how you really feel? I'm going to suggest Maalox, more sleep, and multi-vitamins. Me, I take Centrum Siver, (chewables) and posit that you take a deep breath and think harder before you post. Now I have made a number of statements online that I later came to regret, and printed retractions with the appropriate mea culpas, and found it good for the soul. It also made me slow down and think harder. There, there.

TdB said...

The Scots' remedy:
Extraordinary executing of Judgment upon notorious Incendiaries & murderous public Enemies, by private Persons Vindicated.
Mr. Alexander Shields, Minister of the Gospel at St. Andrews

Anonymous said...

"The governor's advisers say it's not their job to worry about the Constitution."

It is the job of everyone in public office to "protect, preserve, and defend The Constitution of The United States". If any governor's advisers don't understand that then that governor needs to find some new advisers. And if any governor doesn't understand that then the people need to get a new governor.

“The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.”
― Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

"The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men." -Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...

Time to repost the list?

TdB said...

Stones so big, they had to wear kilts:

"Though they were not for partaking in wicked unnecessary wars, without authority, or against it; yet we have ground to conclude, they were for war, and did maintain the principle of resisting tyranny; since there was never more of the practice of it, nor more happy resistances in any age, than in that; where we find, that, as their ancestors had frequently done before, so they also followed their footsteps, in resisting, reducing to order, repressing, and bringing to condign punishment tyrants and usurpers; and thought those actions, which their fathers did by the light of nature and dictates of reason, worthy of imitation, when they had the advantage of the light of revelation and dictates of faith; the one being indeed moderate and directed, but no ways contradicted by the other. Therefore we read, that, as their predecessors had done with Thereus the 8th king of Scotland whom they banished in the year before Christ’s incarnation 173; with Durstus the 11th king, whom they slew in battle in the year before Christ 107; Evenus the 3d, who was imprisoned, and died there, in the year before Christ 12; Dardanus the 20th king, who was taken in battle, beheaded by his own subjects, his head exposed to mockage, and his body cast into a sink, in the year of Christ 72; Luctatus the 22d king, who was slain for his lechery and tyranny in the year 110, Mogaldus the 23d king, slain in the year 113; Conarus the 24th king, a lecherous tyrant, died in prison in the year 249; Satrael the 26th king hanged in the year 159. So, after the Christian faith was publickly professed, they pursued Athirco the 29th king, when degenerate into tyranny, who was forced to kill himself in the year 231. They slew Nathalocus the 30th king, and cast him into a privy [toilet] in the year 241. They beheaded Romachus the 36th king, and carried about his head for a show in the year 348. As they did with many others afterwards, as witnesseth Buchanan, book 4th, Scottish history"

TdB said...

Ibid =

Anonymous said...

Definitely time to re-post that list!...

Anonymous said...

**NBC Debate ~ Visconti & Malloy Shoot It Out Over Gun Control** (5) 10/23/14 In this youtube Debate, at 6:32, Malloy states the real truth, that the ban is for anyone wishing to fight the federal government.

Camerman said...

This Treason must be stopped. and Parades and Protest will not work, these traitors need to be Pulled from office and dealt with, as the Constitution gives us the OPtion to secure a New Government!!!

David Codrea said...

Anon@ 7:36. You perfectly fit the definition of a troll, a sadist / psychopath / infiltrator / disruptor.

There is really little lower than someone who insults the character of another man from the shadows, insulated from personal repercussions, because that type of deviant is capable of all other evils but for the defect of being craven.

It must truly suck being you.

TdB said...

Resolutions of the Reformed Presbyterian Synods
Affirming that the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America must Maintain a Testimony Against the United States Constitution & Government As NO MORAL ORDINANCE OF GOD [1835]

There are moral evils essential to the constitution of the United States, which render it necessary to refuse allegiance to the whole system. In this remarkable instrument there is contained no acknowledgement of the being or authority of a God—there is no acknowledgement of the Christian religion or professed submission to the kingdom of Messiah. It gives support to the enemies of the Redeemer, and admits to its honours and emoluments, Jews, Mahometans, Deists, and Atheists ... The constitution is, notwithstanding its numerous excellencies, in many instances inconsistent, oppressive, and impious... The Synod regard magistracy as founded upon the law of nature, the moral law, and as being the ordinance of God, commanding obedience for conscience sake, only when erected and administered according to this law. The law of nature, which defines the rights and duties of man, is fully ascertained in the revealed moral law. The republication of this law in the Scriptures is accompanied with seals of its divine authority, imposing an indispensible obligation upon the individuals and communities to whom it is made known, to acknowledge and obey it, and constituting the rejection of it, a heinous immorality. In the Holy Scriptures precepts are addressed to civil society and its rulers with all the authority of God, and of Jesus Christ, his High Plenipotentiary. A community enjoying revelation, as the people of the United States have done, and refusing to acknowledge it, and promoting to legislative, judicial, and executive power, persons destitute of the qualifications it prescribes, acts an immoral part. The circumstance of the moral law being revealed in the Scriptures does not found this law upon grace; nor is magistracy founded upon grace, when placed under the regulation of the clearly revealed moral law; or when in connection with a special dispensation of mercy, it is put under the feet of the ‘head of all principality and power.’ [Col. 2.10.] The moral law defines the rights of man with certainty, and makes the best provision for human happiness; and the Christian system does not interfere with the obligation of the moral law, otherwise than clearly to reveal and powerfully to enforce it. The law is established by faith. The Synod cannot regard the non-recognition of the law of God, on the part of men forming themselves into a commonwealth, in the circumstances in which America is placed, in any other light, than that of a great immorality in which no enlightened Christian should participate, and against which he should testify. This immorality is not [to] be concealed from our view, nor palliated by its apparent negative character. [That is, many of its defects are matters of omission.—Ed.] Where Christianity is rejected, amid the light of its evidence, there exists a positive opposition to God and to Christ, which is equally incompatible with duty to God and true philanthropy. On these accounts the Synod has abstained from all direct acknowledgment of authority constituted on immoral principles. They owe this to God, to testify to his honour—they owe it to themselves, that they may not be partakers in the guilt—and they owe it to their neighbour, to reclaim society from a state which is offensive to God, and liable to his displeasure.

Anonymous said...

Confiscation of all my guns with detachable magazines would leave me with my Charleville musket, used by a Green Mountain Boy ancestor in the American Revolution and the War of 1812 at the Battle of Plattsburgh, NY.

It has been cared for over the years and still works. When younger, I used it at Battle of Hubbardton reenactments.

It still will put a .69 caliber hole in a target in its effective range, if certain circumstances are right. If they aren't, there is always the bayonet.

I recall a saying that what is old is new again. I sincerely hope that does not come to pass for firearms. If it does, I will be ready.

Anon at January 23, 2015 at 7:36 AM, I have no idea who's stooge you are, but attacking this board's moderator is not in good taste. Benedict Arnold had major faults, but he was a personally brave man and general officer, before he turned traitor. You cannot even manage to subscribe your name or "handle" to an inflammatory blog post. A "Coppo" is an ancient vessel for holding olive oil. Why should anyone listen to you? Go back under your bridge, or troll somewhere else.