Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Let every single step taken in this most intricate affair be upon the defensive." Malloy & Lawlor answer the question "Where to draw the line?" for us in bloody crayon. Part Three.

"Nothing concentrates the mind so wonderfully as the prospect of being hung in the morning." -- Benjamin Franklin, paraphrasing Dr. Samuel Johnson.
(NOTE: Parts One and Two of "Where to draw the line?" can be found here and here. As you will read, we are about to have that question answered for us.
Yes to tell you the truth, if I thought you could possibly be innocent and stand unconvicted in the eye of Heaven, if you dropped your weapons and submitted to the late Bill for the alteration of the (English) Constitution, I would immediately change my voice and preach to you the long exploded doctrine of Non-resistance. But as an honest man and as a minister of Jesus Christ, as a servant of Heaven, I dare not do it. As a friend to righteousness, as a priest of the Lord who is under the Gospel Dispensation, I must say – The Priests blow the trumpets in Zion – stand fast – take the Helmet, Shield and Buckler and put on the Brigandine!
Arise! my injured countrymen! and plead even with the sword, the firelock and the bayonet, plead with your arms the birthrights of Englishmen, the dearly purchased legacy left you by your never - to - be - forgotten Ancestors. And, if God does not help, it will be because your Sins testify against you: otherwise you may be assured. But. . . let every single step taken in this most intricate affair be upon the defensive. God forbid that we should give our enemies the opportunity of saying justly that we have brought a civil war upon ourselves by the smallest offensive action. -- Rev. William Emerson, 1775, speaking as pastor of the First Parish in Concord. He was also chaplain to the Provincial Congress when it met at Concord in October 1774, and is quoted in The Minutemen and Their World by Robert A. Gross.
Regular readers may recall that it has been my intention to write this part three of "Where to draw the line" since September. Each time I started, Churchill's black dog came to rest on my keyboard once again and words failed me. Now, thanks to the threatened actions of state authorities in Connecticut and the trenchant observation of a good friend, that black dog has been chased howling from the room.

"Snick, snick."
“If you haven’t declared it or registered it and you get caught ... you’ll be a felon,” Mike Lawlor, Malloy’s so-called “gun czar,” said last year. “People who disregard the law are, among other things, jeopardizing their right to own firearms. If you’re not a law-abiding citizen, you’re not a law-abiding citizen.” -- Three midterm votes point to potential shift in gun-rights battle
The CSM correspondent also writes in the same article:
The affirmation of the Malloy administration in Connecticut, especially, says Mr. Vanderboegh, raises new questions about what the returning governor is planning to do about gun owners who fail to register their semiautomatic rifles and large magazines under a new law signed by Governor Malloy last year. With Malloy back in office, “the noise that you’re hearing that’s drowning out GOP triumphalism is the ‘snick-snick’ of cleaning rods going through rifles,” Vanderboegh says.
After sharing that article with an old friend yesterday, he smiled this slow, bitter, rueful smile and said, "Well, Mike, you always are quoting Franklin about the prospect of being hung in morning. I guess this is it."
That observation came back to me in the wee, insomniac hours of this morning. It struck me almost like a physical blow, this realization. Malloy and his anti-American toady Lawlor have just made things utterly simple for us. They have announced that they will be answering the question for us, this "Where to draw the line," with their own tyrannical actions. Like heedless children playing a game they scarcely understand, they have declared their solution in bloody crayon upon the wall. They will draw the line for us. All we have to do is get ready and be prepared to respond to their offensive tyrannical violence with our own defensive measures. As I have written before, "Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!"
The line has already been drawn. Malloy, Lawlor and Ron Pinciaro and all their sycophants in the collectivist media in CT who have demanded OUR liberty, OUR property and OUR blood on their editorial pages have drawn it and they are ready for their willing bully boys of the Connecticut State Police to cross over. THEY will be the ones to fire the first shots of the next civil war. THEY have demanded it. It didn't, still doesn't, have to be this way. As I all but begged Malloy previously, all he has to do is suspend enforcement of the Intolerable Act until the Supreme Court rules on its constitutionality. And as I have pointed out many times, an unconstitutional law is void. Yet their appetites for our liberty, our property even at the cost of our lives, drives them on insatiably. Indeed, as I watched Malloy last night in his interview by Chris Matthews on MSNBC, visions of presidential sugarplums are dancing in his head. He should ask himself, what are the chances of being elected president AFTER he starts the next civil war with his policies. However, as Reverend Emerson ("a very bad subject of his majesty," according to one British spy at the time) told his congregants: "But. . . let every single step taken in this most intricate affair be upon the defensive. God forbid that we should give our enemies the opportunity of saying justly that we have brought a civil war upon ourselves by the smallest offensive action."
The British are marching out of Boston once again, although this time the road wends it way, by the choice of our would-be masters, through Connecticut. Get ready. A new Lexington and a new Concord Bridge beckon. By THEIR choice, not ours. The line has been drawn. By them. And they are preparing to cross it. Be ready. The choice, and the beginning, is theirs. The finishing, well, that will be up to us.
You know, the Reverend Emerson died in the service of his young country at the age of 33 on 20 October 1776. He gave everything for liberty. Some of us, if Malloy, Lawlor and Pinciaro get their way, will have to do so as well, never knowing the outcome. It is a trade that some of us had better be prepared to make. For they are coming. The line is drawn, by them. And they are fixing to cross it. What will you do when they do?


FedUp said...

"He should ask himself, what are the chances of being elected president AFTER he starts the next civil war with his policies. "

What were Lincoln's chances in 1864?

Anonymous said...

and if the Supremes rule the law is "Constitutional" everyone is expected to roll over?

Sorry, but from my view the supremes have a long record of wrong-headed decisions.

KEEP YOUR GUNS, FOLKS. TO HELL WITH THE ELITES. Black robes or pin-stripe suits makes no difference.


Anonymous said...

The powers-that-be have always used fear to control the masses. And to most people, what's scarier than death? Especially to a generation that hasn't been thrust into fighting a war or been confronted with starvation. I believe, the last generation to be thrown into bloody conflict was the "Vietnam" generation because they got drafted.The younger people now, many of which still live at home with mom and pop don't know from want. And i also truly believe that's one reasons they want the guns; because the day is coming when they will know. And no forces will be able to put down millions of starving people that are armed. Also why the horrors of collectivist states aren't taught with any sincerity in the schools. Because of that too many young people think Gov't is their friend and will bail their pampered ass out of any and all quagmires. If they read the truth about 20th century democide they might just finally get the idea.

Anonymous said...

"The line has already been drawn. Malloy, Lawlor and Ron Pinciaro and all their sycophants in the collectivist media in CT who have demanded OUR liberty, OUR property and OUR blood on their editorial pages have drawn it and they are ready for their willing bully boys of the Connecticut State Police to cross over."

A list of gun owners will only make it easier for this bunch to reach the "end-game" of what this is really all about: Disarming citizens.

But here's a fact: each of these dudes, and members of the CSP, are someone's neighbor. In the interest of tit-for-tat, then, I believe a list of all these folks would be fair-game.

In abstract, we know the enemies of our Second Amendment. That's not good enough. A list, on the other hand, would provide means for gun owners to deliver an opposing point of up close and personal.

Call it Second Amendment 101, if you like, but this bunch needs an education.

DAN III said...

If citizens of Connecticut defend themselves against the impending tryranny of their socialist neighbors and Malloy, will others rally to their aid ? Will we come armed and flood Connecticut ? For surely then, life as one knows it will be over.

Will we come to their aid, willing to kill and be killed for FREEDOM ? THAT is the question.

Eric said...

They may cross that line with 50+ LEO's with armored vehicles and helicopters on ONE house at a time. Overwhelming odds like that will: 1-Intimidate some to just give up. 2-After the first bloody encounter motivate liberty minded people to organize for the next raid. That requires gathering intelligence about what's comng and where. Hopefully, that could be done even before the first raid.
The first option may lead to complete capitulation. Indeed, many have already registered their arms and magazines and that will certainly lead to confiscation.
The second may lead to something that no thinking person wants. A civil war beginning in the Constitution(less) state of Connecticut and spread like wildfire across this country until (if possible) cooler heads prevail. If that happens, a declaration of Martial Law by our current White House resident will most likely follow. If he has the stones for it.
Pray like never before and harden yourselves, this may get ugly very fast.

Anonymous said...

Lawler and Mallory are truly stupid and ignorant about what they are about to undertake. Do they not realize that there are thousands precision rifles in the hands of expert shooters who reload their own precise ammunition that are capable of kill shots out to 2000 meters? These rifles are in the hands of many private citizens, indeed many citizens have weapons that would make any police force green with envy. Lawler and Gov. Mallory have no defense against a shot from 1000 meters or more from a sniper. This will make their movements impossible should an armed insurrection start. I can almost guarantee that they will be the first officials targeted should they fire the first shot. All they have to do to avoid a disaster is stand down. If U dont want nothen dont start nothen. This statement is not a threat it is merely an observation and the reflections of many gun owners who believe in the rule of law, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.

Oregon Hobo said...

Mike, thank you for bringing visibility to this slow-motion trainwreck. I am concerned about one aspect of the position you have taken on this issue though.

Mike Vanderboegh sez:

THEY will be the ones to fire the first shots of the next civil war. THEY have demanded it. It didn't, still doesn't, have to be this way. As I all but begged Malloy previously, all he has to do is suspend enforcement of the Intolerable Act until the Supreme Court rules on its constitutionality.

And if SCOTUS rules that CT's gun ban is constitutional...?

Let's be careful of potentially painting ourselves into a corner here.



Dutchman6 said...

Oregon Hobo: My suggestion does not tie us to the SCOTUS definition of anything, nor to any ruling. What it is is a face-saving way for Malloy to delay the date of shots fired for a year, year and a half. The system is on the verge of economic and social breakdown. I merely prefer to postpone the inevitable if I can in the hope that we are fighting to preserve the constitutional rule of law from a position of greater strength. How many of us couldn't use another 18 months? Then there's always the possibility that SCOTUS could rule in our favor and junk the law. If the system is going to collapse, we will be the most popular folks in our own parts of the country, for even those opposed to us now will take one look at the armed citizenry maintaining order in their neighborhoods versus the predatory gangs and useless tools of state and federal government (but I repeat myself) and rally to us as their last best hope of survival. "Oh, you wanted firearms for THAT! Why didn't you tell us? Psst, can I borrow a shotgun?"

In any case, I am reminded of the thief who successfully talked the sultan into sparing his life for year on the condition that he could teach the sultan's horse how to sing. As they were being led away, another condemned criminal said, "Are you nuts? You'll never teach that horse how to sing." To which the thief replied, "Who knows? In a year, the sultan may be dead. The horse may be dead. I may be dead of other causes. And who knows, perhaps the horse will learn how to sing. In any case, I've got a year."

Napoleon once said to his generals, "Ask me for anything but time." Time is on our side. Besides, maybe the Supreme Court will learn how to sing our tune.

Anonymous said...

The line was crossed long, long ago, and not just in Connecticut.

Remember Waco, when the Fedcoats deliberately pumped tear gas into a building full of CHILDREN, even though the building was surrounded and its inhabitants could not have posed any danger to the public? (This is to say nothing of the subsequent fire, which the Fedcoats probably set deliberately.)

What kind of government deliberately and needlessly uses tear gas on children? The same kind of government that...

...repeatedly lies to its people and to the world;

...arms its state and local police departments for war against the population while simultaneously seeking to disarm the general public of any weapons of military utility;

...uses its own military intelligence (NSA) and, in some cases, naked military force against its own population (Bonus Army, Kent State, Katrina, etc.);

...deceives naive young people (like I once was) into joining its imperial invasion forces, causing them to risk life and limb fighting in wars of aggression that only benefit wealthy "defense" contractors and other special interests;

...imposes laws against countless victimless crimes, thus leading to a society that has the highest incarceration rate in the world;

...finds exceptions to the "inalienable rights" guaranteed to all by the US Bill of Rights, defecating on the very principles that were intended to DEFINE America. For example, someone tell me how the "civil asset forfeiture" routinely practiced in conjunction with the "War on Drugs" jibes with the plain text of the Fifth Amendment, which states that no one "shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law." Or someone tell me how the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA is compatible with that same text.

What kind of government does all these things? An ILLEGITIMATE government. One that exists as the final result of a coup against the Constitution that slowly played out over decades.

Most Americans, slow-witted though they are, recognize that the current US regime does not have the consent of the governed. But will they do anything about it? I have my doubts. What greater outrages could possibly be imposed on the American people than have already been suffered?

The only sure bet is that this illegitimate government will continue to grow stronger as technology develops. Time is squarely on their side.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Thinkin' about "Absolved" and Phil Gordon's encounter with "the raid." Then there's Charlie Kintard. What you wrote as a story may come to pass as reality sooner than we think... in Connecticut!!
Got Gunz??,

Anonymous said...

Agree with the poster who said that the line will be crossed with 50 plus LEOs for one house. It will be overkill when they decide to strike.

Once that occurs, I don't think there is a rule that says fighting is limited to a raid setting. Have to fight against overwhelming odds. Cops go to the movies. Cops go to barbecues with their kids. Cops go to Walmart. Cops get drunk while watching football. Cops let their guard down, put the gun under the bed and screw thier wives. I 100% agree with no targeting of family members or other innocents. I don't think there is a rule though (Mike V. can correct me if I am wrong) that says you can't take out the trash when it is convenient for you. Once the fine gentlemen sworn to the Conn constitution become stinky garbage.

Dutchman6 said...

Anon 12:19AM:

You are thinking linearly, which is a violation of the precepts of 4GW and represents a diminution rather than a concentration of effort. Screw the pawns, a 4GW chess player scorns, go after the rooks and bishops. This is three- even four-dimensional chess. Evade the pawns and work your way through to the power players. Shear the Kings and Queens of their main supports. Better yet, make the brain that manipulates ALL the players understand that the game is not confined to the board but has deadly consequences for the chess master. Make them understand that the rules ny which they've played all their lives DO NOT APPLY.

We're working with hypotheticals here, right? What does 4GW take as its primary target? The will and ability of the enemy LEADERSHIP to wage the war. Not the cops, not the foot soldiers, the leadership. As with all tyrannies, the leadership doesn't much care how many, say, Gestapo agents and Wehrmacht you kill. They DO care about how many gauleiters and mid-to-high-ranking little fuhrers you kill. 4GW rather targets what the enemy leadership cares about -- themselves, their future, their power. 4GW wins when it convinces the enemy leadership that prosecuting the war against the people is suicidal FOR THEM, not for cops and soldiers.

In any context, when the regime attacks folks in their homes, cops and soldiers will die along with their chosen victims. But after the first raids, there will be nobody home for the intended victims will be out and about targeting the war makers and decision takers. 4GW understands that if you kill them, the raids stop getting ordered because the men and women giving the orders have had their own personal education in the concept of assured destruction. It takes a very keen appetite for blood on the part of the tyrant to overcome that risk.

The other aspect of this is that 4GW takes the instincts of the bureaucrat and uses them against him. When the middle and high level bureaucrats, who are not particularly true believers but just "doing their jobs" and "working toward retirement" understand the personal consequences, they will refuse to do things that will make drawing that pension much less likely.

For the Czech resistance, for one example, to kill ten Gestapomen hardly counted. Killing ten Reinhard Heydrichs, however, plus twenty Adolf Eichmanns and a couple of Gauleiters ALL AT THE SAME TIME would have worked much better.

That's what 4GW posits anyway. I pray we never have to find out in an American context. But I fear that if the anti-Americans in CT state government now toying with sending raids into the homes of their own people get their way, it will certainly happen. And they will be utterly astonished at what happens when it does.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Dutchman. It's good to be reminded of WHO should be many here have a disdain for police (myself included) for the illegal, immoral way they've flagrantly violated their oaths and abused the citizenry....but you're 100% on point. They shouldn't be the primary targets should this all kick off. Unlike our side, theirs has a head....and if you want to kill the snake, you take off its head.

As usual, Mike....wise words. Thanks for the reminder.