Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why Are The Anti-Gunners Such Racists?

The only reason that someone would invoke the issue of race is because she is thinking about it. The only reason someone would think that gun owners and gun rights advocates would care about race is that they assume we are as racist and bigoted as they are.


Anonymous said...

Psychologists call it "projection". And Libtards practice it a lot.

B Woodman

C. S. P. Schofield said...

Liberals don't need to practice projection; they have it down perfect.

Liberals are Progressives, and Progressives are would-be rulers. They are racist to their bones, and classists to their core. They believe that everybody but their wonderful selves is a collection of ignorant dolts who need to be managed. This, of course, is the excuse they need so desperately to explain why they should be running things despite a complete lack of any visible talent for doing so. There was once a time when there were Progressives who weren't completely condescending asshats - Teddy Roosevelt was a bit of an elitist but honestly liked most people and seemed to feel they could reach his level with at most a hand up - but with the election of the disgusting bigot Woodrow Wilson the swine pretty much took over. Liberals, as a class, are work shy bums who want to run things. Would-be aristocrats. Guillotine bait.