Monday, October 6, 2014

"Abortion Isn’t a Necessary Evil. It’s Great."

An unapologetic message from the modern American death cult: "Progressives should admit it: We like abortion."


Anonymous said...

I could not finish the article. Too much bile was rising in my throat. There is a passage in Isaiah which comes to mind: "Woe to those who call good evil and evil good..." May the judgement of God in His own time descend on those who would murder their innocent unborn children.

bitter clinging Texan said...

one thing that might make some of the pro abortion people have second thoughts is if states allowed men to have "paper abortions" injunctions exempting them from the responsibilities of fatherhood, IE child support

Sean said...

Why a statement like that is a revelation, coming from a people whose ideology killed 100+million innocents in the 20th Century, is beyond me. Socialists, in the end, are just murderers of opportunity, and the more defenseless you are, the more likely they show up. Gun Control laws are basically suicide mandates, causing law abiding people to be unarmed at the time they really need a gun. It then amounts suicide to obey the law. Abortion laws (mandates of murder) prey upon womens' tendency to vacillate when confronted with difficult situations (pregnancy), about how to deal with it. Push them in one direction, abortion, and a great many of them will go there. Sure, many regret afterwards, but the murder of the child, the socialists aim, is a fait accompli. And one more person is then inured to the murder of defenseless human beings. Which is also the aim of the socialists. It's the Stockholm syndrome in third gear.