Saturday, February 22, 2014

Unintended consequences indeed. Obama is best gun salesman -- ever.

Record U.S. Gun Production as Obama ‘Demonized’ on Issue
U.S. gun makers led by Sturm Ruger & Co. and Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (SWHC) churned out a record number of firearms in 2012, government data show, continuing a trend of robust production during Democratic presidencies.
More than 8.57 million guns were produced in 2012, up 31 percent from 6.54 million in 2011, according to data released this week by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which has been tracking the statistics since 1986.
Almost as many guns -- 26.1 million -- were produced during Democrat Barack Obama’s first term as president as during the entire eight-year presidency of his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush, the ATF data show. . .
Obama isn’t the only Democratic president to see a spike in gun production. More than 33 million firearms were manufactured during Democrat Bill Clinton’s two terms, which was more than the 28 million produced during Bush’s presidency. Just over 16 million firearms were manufactured during Republican George H.W. Bush’s single term.
Clinton antagonized gun-rights groups by pressing for stricter gun control. He signed legislation mandating background checks on firearm purchases and a ban on assault weapons. The ban expired in 2004.


Paul X said...

This shows the fundamental orneriness of the average American; rulers want one thing, people do the opposite. Gun owners would have gone to sleep with an R president, which would likely have meant more gun control. Strange to think that the best way to protect RKBA is to elect a gun hater, but that appears to be the case.

Anonymous said...

That's not counting a lot of Md.'s numbers.If you bought a handgun or "asault rifle" those didn't go through NICS. They had they're own half-assed beyond the proscribed waiting period !

Anonymous said...

Clinton stated in a speech in Cleveland in 1995 that he knew his "Assault Weapons Ban" law cost the democrats the Congress in 1994.

Anonymous said...

Obama is also a good bayonet salesman. In 2012 he was running off at the mouth about bayonets. He has never held one much less trained with one. So I bought a Marine Corps bayonet.
Eat your heart out, Mr. President!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... He has also become the Constitutional Law professor he always calimed to be and everyone is doing their home work.

And man can he sell Gibson Guitars. Every Guitar that Gibson sold that was made from the cinfisgated wood that Gobson got back went like hot cakes.

Heck everyone who was faint of heat about guns is armed up these days. I think it would be a quick show if it did start.

You guys remember don't let you neighbor fall. If you see something say something. Watch each other's back out there. This is the only way we can get through it and this is their modus, mak as many conflicts as possible. I think the moron is finding out just how resilliant the American people are SURPRISE! We ain't as dumb as you thought.

Hey Sorento, we've just been napping, thanks for waking us up.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:56, Zero was never a professor, but a part time lecturer with connections for the job.