Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Uh, huh. Found this on RealClearPolitics under the headline "Armed white guys are the real thugs."

But who are the real thugs? The unarmed black kids who play loud music or walk to stores to buy Skittles? Or the white guys who are armed to the teeth and quick on the trigger?


Anonymous said...

At the risk of someone calling me racist, the reason whites are arming to teeth (aside from our government's tyrannical actions) is because of the massive increase in black on white racially motivated attacks in the last few years that all government aren't doing anything about and that the MSM is tying its absolute damnedest to cover up.

AJ said...

In this case, it looks like this guy lost his case due to shooting at his attackers as they tried to flee. Kinda hard to justify that one if you're not an "Only One".

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see that authors take on
Worldstarhiphop carnage presented in high volume on YouTube.

Are these liberalist panty wastes really THAT entrenched in group think that they cannot visit YouTube?

Here is what he misses.
In the Zimmerman case, the CIRCUMSTANCES drove the debate. With Dunn, nobody but leftistd are looking at race and this there isn't the controversy they wish they could generate. Dunn was fine up until he pulled the trigger. If what he said was true, he had every right to draw. He knew he was wrong and that's why he went home hoping cops would never ask (as happens often when there is no race disparity like say in Chicago). He's busted. He shoulda thought through his choices. Personal I think the pauses in shooting are what nailed him hardest.

Media desperately wants to create this into what they wanted from Trayvon and in knowing there is nothing but failure. They know that too. They think that they get to create black victim status no matter what.

Alas, only the fool fools the fools. In this case, the author fools few more than himself.

Anonymous said...

If only we had some sort of way to track assaults and murders by race in some sort of database by a federal agency....

Whatever believers in roger Simon's thesis do, make sure to avoid and sites like

Anonymous said...

I like using some of the "Hunting Scent" as a poor mans mace. Concentrated Red Fox Urine sprayed into a car cannot be ignored. Some of it down the defroster vents will stay in that car for a looong time. I still carry my .38 at all times but often a little whizz in the face will get their attention. Less than lethal force is a first option, shooting is the final option.

Anonymous said...

I thought the police were the "armed white guys" ?

to serve and protect.......whom?

how could it be?

I want my mamma....make it all better

badanov said...

MSM is tying its absolute damnedest to cover up.

MSM is not cover it up. They are cheering it on.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the red fox urine. Makes your wheels smell "outdoorsy" for the ladies.