Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Perhaps they see more moneymaking potential in fighting the gun rights war, than in winning it." Missouri Senate's '2nd Amendment Preservation Act' stripped of poison pill

The other story here is that the NRA has managed to make enemies on both sides of the debate, by issuing an alert last week urging Missouri residents to contact their state senators asking them to oppose the bill. In that alert, the group made some assertions about the theft reporting requirement that appear to have been made up from whole cloth.
As for why the NRA might oppose such legislation, perhaps it's simple tactical concerns--perhaps they don't see such laws ever surviving the inevitable federal court fight, and thus don't want the gun rights movement burning political capital for nothing--the "Vulcan chess masters" explanation. Somewhat similar thinking was apparently at the heart of their original obstruction of what eventually became the District of Columbia v. Heller case. On the other hand, perhaps they see more moneymaking potential in fighting the gun rights war, than in winning it.
For now, though, if the NRA was hoping to kill SB 613, they are just as disappointed as the anti-gun, federal government über alles nanny-statists.
"Perhaps they see more moneymaking potential in fighting the gun rights war, than in winning it." EXACTLY.


Anonymous said...

A little education here for the obviously ignorant. There are plenty of valuable things The NRA could be doing instead of having to raise and spend millions of dollars fighting for our second amendment rights. Before the libturd, progressive gun-grabbers took over the legislative process in our country The NRA was able to spend all of its resources on much more useful things like shooting safety and training, hunting knowledge, promoting shooting sports, gunsmithing education, etc. I'm sure the leadership of The NRA would love to be able to return to spending all of the budget on those pursuits instead of having to do all this politically-based and legally-based work. The NRA still does all of those other things, but they would love to not have to fight for our gun and just spend their resources on helping us enjoy the use of our guns, instead. Example of my point: I have an issue of "American Rifleman", an NRA magazine, dated in 1948. There is no mention of anything to do with having to fight for our second amendment rights in that magazine. The NRA wants it to be that way again. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Two things I have been saying for a long time.

1) The NRA is the biggest and best disguised gun CONTROL group in this country.

2) The NRA has more in common with the Brady Bunch than with gun owners.

The fact is that today's NRA works WITH government AGAINST the Citizenry in order to create and impose as much veiled gun control as possible. Nowhere is this truth on display than right here in the Midwest.

Nice to see it finally start to be called out for its nefarious double dealings. Here in Illinois it's busy collecting its thirty pieces of silver from the poor saps who still think the NRA actually cares about gun rights but the SMART people are rejecting it out of hand like those in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

All of these organizations quickly morph into "living organisms" that are more concerned with their own survival than in doing what they were created to do. So, if you want to fight cancer you don't give your money to the ACS, if you want to fight heart disease you don't give to the AHA, and if you want to stop gun control.... well, you get the idea. Take your NRA dues and buy ammo.

Anonymous said...

I think the pro-gun side should step back and think a little bit here. I am no NRA apologist but I think they are correct on this one. The clause that was added requiring that any gun that is stolen be reported within 72 hours is a very bad clause. The anti's will take any little victory that they can. Let's say that in the future they are able to ram thru a registration law. They come to your door and you say I don't have that gun anymore, it was stolen. Why didn't you report it. Trick or treat, heads I will, tails you lose. It is a bad clause and had not place in a pro-gun bill. I am glad it was removed.

Anonymous said...

Recall the NRA tried to kill Heller too. Remember the amendment attached to a credit bill Obama signed which allowed for carry of pistols in national parks at one time included rifles until the NRA insisted that part be removed. I could cite numerous examples of the NRA opposing gun rights.

Yes, the NRA likes to have victories here and there, but at a pace which will ensure they will continue to be needed. Their top staff earn five- and six-figure salaries which they aren't too keen on giving up. Huge victories = reduced need = fewer number of paying members.

Yes, it's all about the money.
The NRA tried in vain to get CCW in IL for two decades (how hard did they actually try?) and sometimes opposed an entire bill because it lacked something they wanted. When they finally succeeded last year the bill they actually authored for Phelps included mandatory training which would be provided by, you guessed it, NRA certified trainers!

They did gun owners no favors by setting up a permit system after the McDonald ruling. Prior to incorporation the issuance of permits was acceptable, but post-incorporation all states were required to respect the 2A. If it's a right which cannot be infringed and permits decide who can exercise a right then the permit system became unconstitutional. States who had a permit system in place already are slow to change things, but there is no excuse for a state implementing a permit system AFTER the 2A was incorporated against the states. The NRA, if anyone, should have known better, but again it's all about the money.

bondmen said...

OOPS folks, read it and weep: SB 613, The NRA and the Lies from Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

Or click bondmen for a hot link.

Anonymous said...

The NRA openly and overtly argued AGAINST Constitutional Carry here in Illinois after Moore. It sounded more like the antis than the antis themselves. Rather than stand up to Democrats, the NRA partnered with them! Cowardly republicans bowed as a result of that partnership between democrats and the NRA.

I submit that the NRA did kill serious progress in McDonald. Its actions lead to the hybrid incorporation of due process and privileges and immunities. The fact is that the NRA has a vested interest as a business model in giving life support to due process.

Nowhere is that better showcased than with what it did in Illinois regarding 16 hours of training being mandated. In the first carry bill the NRA was ACTUALLY LISTED BY NAME as the qualified training authority. That was ousted quickly BUT we have since witnessed NRA trainers attack like dogs any who attempt to provide training outside NRA "confines".

Basically the NRA stood down its opposition because it got that training (almost) monopoly. The state gets its 150 bucks and the NRA boys get 300!!! Nice mandate huh? If the NRA was serious about training, then just exactly WHY is the poll tax so high hmmmm?

And just why create and help implement a basket case piece of legislation when without one there would be carry - court ordered- absent it? Oh, the "democrats" would just pass a "worse" bill, right? Well then it would just be easier to challenge and beat it - so where is the downside???

No, instead, the NRA is making sure that "the strictest shall issue legislation" is AS DIFFICULT to challenge as possible. There is only ONE reason to take these actions - creation of future job security. Steady that stream of income. Milk em for every dime!

And did ya know the NRA saw to it that violation of Second Amendment rights cannot be resolved by monetary means, yeah, see its score in Ezell regarding ranges.

When asked about its choices in lawsuits, the NRA has long said it takes "the perfect" set of circumstances and plaintiffs. Uh huh. Perfect for mucking things up AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE in order to keep them reserve notes rolling in - and out. How about the NRA helping Harry Reid remain in office?

Open your eyes people! The right is SELF defense and the NRA is convincing people to let THEM "defend" it "FOR YOU"!!! Indeed, the NRA IS LITERALLY TRICKING the unsuspecting into conceding their rights - to them, while they lay in bed with democrats in open partnership.

NRA members should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be so easily DUPED and PUNKED. the NRA bigwigs taking those huge salaries are quite literally laughing their asses off at their members..... All the way to the bank.

Robert Fowler said...

" included mandatory training which would be provided by, you guessed it, NRA certified trainers!"

That's what they did here in Iowa when we got shall issue. I can train all the people I want, but since I don't have that NRA cert. I can't certify anyone to get a permit. They are working on a silencer bill right now. I can hardly wait to see how they screw that up.

Anonymous said...

That "shall issue" holy grail for the NRA is the ultimate giveaway of their nefarious position. The NRA WANTS state government control over individual enumerated rights. If the NRA can't accomplish shall issue legislation then it cannot endlessly "work against it".

Shall issue is the NRAs bread and butter.

Bitterly ironic ain't it? The very group that claims to be defending the INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear is actually an advocacy group for state government control over those rights. Pretty slick how they con people into ceding their rights to government. Bastards. Lying bastards.

The NRA has become the very thing it claims to oppose. It has accepted its thirty pieces of silver. It REALLY IS a gun control group masquerading as anything but.

As for the suppressor fight, there is no screwing it up. It will advocate state government control, registration and permission slip structure. That's what gun control groups do. There is no mistake or accident.

No same and informed Liberty minded American Citizen would give the NRA a penny. not one penny.
Any gun owner who retains membership has to accept the fact that they themselves ARE a member of a gun control group. And they have to live with that.

I cannot stop them. This I know to be true. But I can tell the truth about the NRA every chance I get. True it us I have taken lots of heat for doing so (kinda like being anti Obama long before it was cool to be anti Obama) but as we get farther and farther removed from heller, and the NRA acts going forward, true believers (again like Obama) have to face the facts if actions taken beside promises made.

Guess what? The NRA is just as much a liar as the usurper himself and it's just as much a usurper too. I try hard not to curse when I post but the NRAs horseshit brings it out of me. Fuck the NRA and the jackass it rode in on. It may well not have started out this way but the reality is that it IS that way now and has been for decades. And there is no "fixing it from within" until the real deal truth is told within AND without.

The NRA advocates for and works for state level gun control and to make it worse it gains revenue from multiple directions for doing so. There is no worse or pathetic liar and thief than that, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

It looks as though Missouri is not the only state the NRA is trying to stop from having a Second Amendment Protection Act. They are doing the same thing in Florida. Thanks for bringing this out! I hope the state legislators will listen to the grassroots groups that want the legislation to pass and not the NRA.

Anonymous said...

DUN OWNERS OF AMERICA.....headed by Larry Pratt...Do NOT compromise the NRA does on ALL gun bills......In addition the NRA's court wins are very low compared to other gun rights groups.......the NRA has brought every Brady gun bill to a compromised vote in the congress..that is why the democrats are forever bringing more anti Constitutional bills to vote on KNOWING the NRA will suggest to the congress to COMPROMISE ....the record if you look there to see...GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA...are the true Anti-gun politicians and minions TRUE ENEMY...NO COMPROMISE on anything....imho

Anonymous said...

Passing the bill which included a step toward registration IS compromise. Any organization which would support such a bill IS a gun control organization. Ergo, the NRA got this one right