Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mark Potok consults the "intelligence file" he keeps up his anal sphincter and pulls a new statistic out of his ass.

SPLC: ‘More Than Half of White Americans’ Anti-Black


Anonymous said...

Really?? Well, I can tell you that at least 90% of all Blacks are "Anti-White".

Anonymous said...

Two quick points:

1. 87.43% of all statistics are completely fabricated.

2. A large percentage of African-American's are prejudiced against white people and/or other African-Americans with skin that is appreciably lighter or darker than theirs.

I wonder if anyone will ever do a study on that?

SWIFT said...

I've never understood a left-wing white, who seemingly needs to flagellate himself, for having been born white. Potok strikes me as one of those people. Maybe he sees this as good fund raising tool and really doesn't hate himself. No problem Mark, I hate your commie ass enough for both of us. (Have I made your list yet?)

Anonymous said...

Which half? If actions are any indication, it would be the left half.

Ned said...

Well now, that's interesting.

I once thought, outside of the Lord, "Only the Shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men."

I guess Potok is as powerful as "The Shadow."

As well as a legend in his own mind. I guess we could add the maroons who fund SPLC.

BTW - an Alabama lawyer who is on their list once opined "if SPLC used the money they've collected for something other than to line their own pockets and quash liberty, they could have eradicated southern poverty.

Perhaps SPLC coined their name to pull themselves out of "poverty," so they could all become firmly entrenched in the membership of the horrible "One Percent."

Heaven knows they've collected enough money to do so.

Anonymous said...

Deleting free speech that you don't like?

Maybe you've still got more in common with Lawlor than you'd like to admit.

Anonymous said...

Greetings, and God bless.

That was weird. Did I just see a CNN talking head actually challenge Potok on his so-called "facts" and his motives?!?!?

Anonymous said...


Thomas Dilorenzo, the Phd economist who is on the splc "hate" list for daring to correct lincoln propaganda, points out how the Soviet Law Center is just an elaborate hedge fund these days

Anonymous said...

Potok and many others of similar political alignment seem eager to stoke the idea of racial divide and discord. At times, they really sound like they're cheering on a race war, if for no other reason to vindicate the contempt they hold for those who oppose their agenda of remaking America into some sanitized socialist Utopia.

Anonymous said...

Ain't 'more than half' a majority?

From the leftist point of view that makes it 'Democratic' !


AJ said...

Potok knows that he is a fear-peddling moron. But, it pays the bills.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's the SLcD?

Anonymous said...

I shoulda picked my own damned cotton.

I ain't anti-black. I'm anti irresponsibility and anti Democrat!
Unfortunately both are attributes of many black people. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass were staunch Republicans. When you point that out to a black person, they think you're lying. Why blacks continue to vote for Democrats whose policies keep them on the plantation is a mystery to me, unless they like being kept on the plantation.